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February 27, 2007 - Jumper - Next Filming in Mexico - "By 11:30 a.m., though, he'd talked to two cameramen and a visual effects person, who told him that the film crew heads to Mexico next for some shooting." Read the entire article about Friday's filming here at Ann Arbor News

February 27, 2007 - Jumper Filming in Ann Arbor - According to reports from the IMDB message board, the previous news item describes a scene being filmed about young Millie and young Davy played by Anna-Sophia Robb and Max Thieriot. Also present for filming was Teddy Dunn who plays Mark.

February 27, 2007 - Jumper Filming - Beware Spoilers - "Ann Arbor goes Hollywood - The mercury only reached the 20s Friday, but Ann Arbor’s Gallup Park felt like Hollywood, thanks to the presence of a film crew working on the feature “Jumper.”................The scene being rehearsed, and repeatedly filmed from several different angles, featured two students emerging from between two school buses. The boy, Mark, is playing keep-away with the girl’s snow globe, and when Davey (star Hayden Christensen’s character, played by a stand-in yesterday) gets involved, Mark throws the globe toward the frozen lake. As Davey makes his way to retrieve it, the others try to stop him, arguing that it’s not safe." More at Ann Arbor News

February 27, 2007 - Factory Girl - London Premiere, March 13, Leicester Square - "Win hot premiere tickets" - "SIENNA MILLER'S Factory Girl is at cinemas everywhere from March 16 and to celebrate its release, Sun Online are giving you and a friend the chance to attend the star-studded premiere in London." More information at The Sun Online.

February 23, 2007 - "A cynic might be tempted to brush off George Hickenlooper’s Factory Girl, the newest addition to the life-story-as-legendary-cinema genre, as just one more attempt to replicate the Oscar-friendly formula. Like the best of its predecessors, though, the film succeeds by delving deeper into the purportedly well-known story of its subject matter. In addition, Factory Girl turns out to be surprisingly novel in its storytelling - its worth extends beyond the demands of generic autobiographical cinema." More at The Yale Herald.

February 22, 2007 - Factory Girl Poster - "Congratulations to Nashvillian Dimitri LaBarge, who won a national poster contest for the movie Factory Girl sponsored by The Weinstein Company. For his work (seen above), LaBarge won a full-size print of the poster autographed by the cast (including Sienna Miller, Hayden Christensen and Guy Pearce) and a private screening for him and 25 friends." Poster and article at Nashville Scene.

February 22, 2007 - Jumper - With stars in their eyes More than 300 show up for movie casting call (Ann Arbor News) - "Scenes from the movie "Jumper'' will be shot locally this weekend; representatives of the The Talent Shop of Bingham Farms were on hand to review applications and snap digital photos of the applicants." More at Ann Arbor News

February 21, 2007 - Factory Girl - Jimmy Fallon is scheduled to appear on Conan O'Brien on Thursday, February 22 on NBC, 11:35 P.M. Central Time. (Source: TV Guide)

February 21, 2007 - Factory Girl - Winner of FACTORY GIRL Poster Design Contest Announced - "NEW YORK, Feb. 21 PRNewswire — After receiving thousands of outstanding entries from across the country, The Weinstein Company is pleased to announce that Dimitri LaBarge, from Nashville, Tennessee, is the winner of the contest to create the best movie poster for the film FACTORY GIRL." View the winning poster at Factory Girl Movie. Source: Digital 50

February 21, 2007 - Jumper - Hollywood pays Huron High a visit - "A crew for the Hollywood film "Jumper'' is expected to arrive in Ann Arbor for three days of shooting Thursday. Based on Steven Gould's 1992 young-adult novel about a young man who, after his mother dies, discovers that he can teleport himself, "Jumper'' stars Hayden Christensen, Dianne Lane and Samuel L. Jackson. Area native Tom Hulce also reportedly appears in the film. The director is Doug Liman." Ann Arbor News

February 19, 2007 - Factory Girl Set- "Jimmy Fallon, Sienna Miller, and Hayden Christensen in a video talking about Scott Morrison. Fool: A Hero Story

February 18, 2007 - Factory Girl - If you missed Sienna Miller on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, you can catch a repeat of the episode on February 21, at various times during the day and 11:00 P.M. (Eastern Time) on Comedy Central.

February 17, 2007 - Factory Girl - "Christensen dominates one of the film's odder scenes when he visits the Factory and proceeds to heap scathing insults upon Warhol and his band of artists before walking out on Edie." Santa Cruz Sentinel

More Factory Girl Reviews, February 17, 2007:

Factory Girl Screening Event in Shreveport - "Casting coordinator Ryan Glorioso, who helped manage 1,000 to 1,100 extras when the movie was shot in Shreveport in late 2005 and early 2006, said it was a fun project to work on because he got to cast all of the Factory freaks and about 15 local parts." Shreveport Times

"[The Musician] Christensen, as a man who sees himself as Warhol's opposite (all content to Warhol's all fashion), creates a worthy competitor. He brings out the surly recessiveness of a star who wants people to come to him, and the subterranean virility, too." Baltimore Sun

"But gradually Warhol grows tired of his "superstar," especially when Edie begins an affair with a legendary folk singer (Hayden Christensen, looking uncannily like the Bob Dylan of "Subterranean Homesick Blues" LP." Wichita Eagle

February 16, 2007 - Factory Girl - Warhol's Woman - "What truly breaks up her friendship with Andy is her love of "Billy Quinn" - in reality, Dylan - whom the film mostly dubs the "rock star." He's played by Anakin Skywalker himself, [Hayden] Christensen, and once the initial shock of Darth as Dylan wears off, one sees his performance is actually quite good." Source

February 15, 2007 - Factory Girl Clips - Check out Hayden Christensen News Fix for a really cool behind the scenes video clip from Factory Girl. Hayden is almost unrecognizable in one scene where he is totally immersed in his character. Hayden Christensen News Fix

February 15, 2007 - "The good news is that Americans are still making movies in Canada, thus creating more work for Canadians. Those roles and larger parts in Canadian films and TV shows have given exposure to several young actors. Canadian film and television alumni Hayden Christensen, Adam Beach, and Rachel McAdams all came close to winning nominations in the last few years, and it would appear they’ll be around a while. Throw in Gosling and it’s possible that we are on the verge of creating a core group that will help promote our own industry and even bring a little Canuck glamour to the Oscars." Source

February 14, 2007 - Breach Movie Review - "In his remarkable 2003 debut feature, Shattered Glass, the director Billy Ray never quite came out and explained why Stephen Glass, the ambitious young New Republic reporter who made up articles out of whole cloth, did what he did. Yet watching Hayden Christensen's super-sharp performance, you saw how Glass built each ghost of a lie around a childlike need for approval, and the result was a generational X-ray into a new kind of office sociopath a suck-up so pathological that he made his needs more important than reality. Now Ray has directed his second film, the abysmally titled Breach, and it's a bona fide companion piece, another true-life tale of duplicity gone secretly insane." Source

February 14, 2007 - Factory Girl - "Another surprising performer - Weinstein Co.'s MGM-distributed "Factory Girl" - continued to disprove its pre-release bad buzz by coming in second with an impressive $10,872 average from 18 runs. It had expanded upward from the previous weekend's three theaters in New York and L.A., where it had averaged $29,159 and led the iWBOT."

"George Hickenlooper's "Factory Girl," featuring Sienna Miller as troubled Warhol "superstar" Edie Sedgwick, is now ready for the kind of wide theatrical release the late Sedgwick could only dream about. "We are pleased with the film's strong performance and our expansion strategy. We are going wide this weekend on over 300 runs," said Harvey Weinstein in a brief email statement." Source

February 13, 2007 - Factory Girl - Special Screening Event Set in Shreveport. "The movie “Factory Girl” will open for a one-week run at the Louisiana Boardwalk’s Regal Cinemas on Friday . The movie stars Sienna Miller and Guy Pearce and was shot in Shreveport last year. It tells a story about fashion icon Edie Sedgwick and her relationship with artist Andy Warhol."

"There will be a special screening at 7:50 p.m. Friday. Organizers are working to recreate a 1960s atmosphere for the event. Moviegoers are asked to wear 1960s-style clothing, but dress participation is not mandatory. The event will feature a question-and-answer session with persons who worked on the movie. The lobby also will offer a display of art and 1960s “mod” fashion wear."Click here for more information.

February 13, 2007 - Awake - "Waking up during surgery: It's scary, but not common - Anesthesiologists won't be pleased when the psychological thriller "Awake" is eventually released. It stars Hayden Christensen ("Star Wars: Episode III") as a man who finds himself awake and alert, but unable to move or speak, because he didn't get enough anesthesia during heart surgery." More from the Charlotte Observer

February 13, 2007 - Factory Girl Boxoffice Numbers - "MGM's second weekend of the Weinstein Co.'s "Factory Girl" was strong. The Sienna Miller starrer grossed $184,000 on 18 screens, up 15 from the previous frame. The R-rated film boasted a per-screen average of $10,222 for a cume of $310,215." Source The final weekend total for Factory Girl according to Box Office Mojo was $195,698 for an average take of 10, 872 per screen.

February 9, 2007 - Jumper On Location in Egypt - From November 2006 - Pictures and brief article about Jumper filming at one of the pyramids in Egypt. The production crew is pictured preparing for the shoot. Egypt Productions (Thanks Sophie.)

February 8, 2007 - According to Hayden Christensen News Fix the Japanese blog reporting on Jumper filming in Tokyo says that filming has finished there and Hayden has gone back to Canada. He will then be going to Baja and then on to Chicago for more filming. Read More

February 8, 2007 - Steven Gould has a hardcover preview on his blog of the prequel to Jumper and Reflex. The story is about Griffin, the character played by Jamie Bell in the movie currently filming. The book is scheduled for publication August 21, 2007 with mass publication art to tie in with Jumper. Source

February 8, 2007 - 411 Mania - Factory Girl -"This is Christensen’s best work to date. Later this year, many other actors will portray Dylan during various points of his life in I’m Not There, but I liked Christensen’s work here." More at 411 Mania

February 8, 2007 - Website Update - January News has been added to the archives. Catch up on all the news here: January News Archives

February 7, 2007 - The Jumper production is scheduled to finish shooting in Tokyo on February 8, 2007. The production is then scheduled to move to Baja, Mexico/California.

February 7, 2007 - Factory Girl Suprises - "We are proud that 'Factory Girl' opened so strongly and we plan to expand it over the next few weeks. Audiences clearly want to see this provocative, sexy and compelling film," said Harvey Weinstein in an email statement." More from IndieWire

February 6, 2007 - As reported tonight on E!'s The Daily 10, another legal battle may be brewing over Factory Girl. Chuck Wein, portrayed in the movie by Jimmy Fallon, has had his lawyers send a cease and desist letter to Factory Girl distributors, The Weinstein Company. Wein says the film is "vulgar and historically inaccurate" and defamatory and says that changes must be made to the movie or he must be conspensated. If a settlement can't be reached he intends to sue. More at The New York Post

February 5, 2007 - Factory girl - "Christensen may have an even tougher part, essentially playing Dylan without getting to admit it, but he's helped by an uncanny resemblance to the folk poet as a young man, as well as an ability to capture the truth and bluster behind a young Dylan. The various scenes between Sedgwick, Warhol, and/or semi-Dylan all have an odd, alluring art-project charge. But Pearce and Christensen aren't onscreen all the time -- they can't stick around for Sedgwick's druggy fade-out -- and the movie suffers without them." Read the whole reveiw at

February 5, 2007 - I've been slightly pre-occupied with the Factory Girl release and promotion in the news but there is other news. Hayden has been on location in Japan filming Jumper with castmate Jamie Bell. News and photos have mainly come from Japanese fan blogs and have not been in English but you can catch up on what is known about the shoot at Hayden Christensen News Fix.

February 5, 2007 - E! Online Weekend Box Office Report - "On the art-house circuit, Factory Girl, featuring tabloid-fixture Sienna Miller's turn as doomed Andy Warhol protégée Edie Sedgwick, was the standout, making a big $95,291 in only three theaters. Its per-screen average of $31,764 was easily the weekend's highest." More from E!

February 4, 2007 - Factory Girl box office numbers in - According to Variety, Factory Girl made a strong showing in just 3 theaters grossing $95, 291 for an average of $31,764 per screen. Look for Factory Girl to expand to more theaters across the country on February 9th.

February 3, 2007 - Check out E!'s The Daily 10 Weekend and E! News Live Weekend for clips and news stories on Factory Girl.

February 3, 2007 - On Friday's Daily 10, E!'s Ben Lyons gave a big thumbs up to "Factory Girl" saying that as a New Yorker, he absolutely loved it. Continuing, he says that Sienna just knocks it out of the park and there's a great performance from Hayden Christensen as a young Bob Dylan who's only given the title "musician" but you figure out that it's Dylan.

February 2, 2007 - MTV Movie Review - "Billy is played by Hayden Christensen, who manages to make something sly and improbably hunky out of this doomed-to-fail imposture. With his harmonica rack, pea coat, Ray-Bans and adenoidal honk, he seems unmistakably intended to be Dylan, even though the filmmakers contend he's a composite that also includes Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison, of the Doors. Please. When Billy tells Edie, "It's not real, babe," the pretense becomes futile." More at MTV

February 1, 2007 - Factory Reject - "The movie's best scene pits Warhol (movingly incarnated by Guy Pearce) and Dylan against each other in a junior-high-school-style showdown for the attentions of the popular girl. Dylan, invited to the Factory to film one of Warhol's "screen tests," refuses to sit down to be filmed, and Warhol refuses to give him any direction at all. The resulting power struggle is both funny and painful, with each artist trying to out-"I don't care" the other as the eager-to-please Edie hovers in the background. It's a rare moment in which the movie has something to say about the constant small humiliations of the famous, and the desperate insecurity of those who depend on their favor." More from Slate

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