Hayden Christensen interview and BTS video for 90 Minutes in Heaven.

In this video interview for the movie 90 Minutes in Heaven, Hayden talks about his experience on the movie and getting to know "the" Don Piper in preparation for his role of portraying the Baptist minster. At the end of the video there is a behind the scenes video of Hayden and Don Piper speaking at the kick-off banquet for the movie. Even though this part of the video is silent, Hayden is particularly animated in the segment using a lot of hand gestures. Wish I could read lips and his sign language. Hayden looked very enthusiastic and happy to be there. You can watch the video below and look for 90 Minutes in Heaven in theaters on September 11, 2015 in the US and Canada. Find a Theater near you at the Official movie website

Hayden about his portrayal of Don Piper

“I got to spend a lot of time with Don Piper, the actual Don, Hayden says with a smile. And it was a privilege and an honor. He was extremely generous with his time and I think really kind of took me under his wing, so to speak. He really gave me the tools I needed to play him and it was really special for me.

It wasn't that I ever wanted to do a Don Piper impersonation but it was very important to me that I get all the subtleties and nuances of who he is right, and be able to honestly capture what he was like at that time in his life, and try my best to inhabit the sort of pain and confinement of what he went through. But it wasn't possible without his guidance.

Don is referred to as the "Minister of Hope". I think that this is a story about hope and I hope that people will leave this film feeling uplifted and feeling better about life as I did when I put down the script the first time.”

90 Minutes in Heaven is not your ordinary Hollywood film production.

All film productions have a bottom line but for the film 90 Minutes in Heaven, that bottom line may not be what you think. Giving Films the production company for 90 Minutes in Heaven will give all of it's share of profits to charity when all is said and done. Charities that bring clean water to rural African communities, help foster children and orphans, transition assistance for former military members and much more will benefit from the profits of the movie. Visit Giving Films for a information on each charity.

Giving Films is dedicated to making quality movies that inspire and motivate with positive messages that bring hope. 90 Minutes in Heaven, the movie based on the best selling book, tells the true story of Don Piper who died in car accident in 1989, experienced heaven and came back to inspire others going through difficult times in their lives. Check out the clips below and in the next posts for a preview of this inspirational story.


90 Minutes in Heaven clip 3: "You're Going to Make it" with Hayden Christensen.

Hayden Christensen with Tyler Case in a scene from 90 Minutes in Heaven. Someone else might need to hear that you understand how they feel if you'll only share it like Don Piper did in this clip.

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90 Minutes in Heaven clip 2: "It's not about you" with Hayden Christensen.

Hayden Christensen as Don Piper with Fred Thompson in a scene from 90 Minutes in Heaven. Refusing to let someone do a kind act for us keeps them from knowing that it is a blessing to care for others.

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90 Minutes in Heaven clip 1: "Find your purpose" with Hayden Christensen.

Hayden Christensen as Don Piper get advice about starting a new congregation in a scene from 90 Minutes in Heaven. What inspires you isn't always your true purpose. God may have other plans.

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