Happy Birthday Hayden Christensen!

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Happy Birthday Hayden Christensen 2014

Hayden Christensen April Figaro Man Magazine Scans

Looking like a Rock Star, Hayden Christensen looking cool in magazine scans from the April 2014 issue of Figaro Man China. A big thank you to Crysania from Hayden.C for sending these beautiful scans. Click here to read the translated Madame Figaro Man article

1-Dressed in Burberry Prorsum, Diesel Black Gold, Ports 1961
2-Dressed in Emporio Armani
3-Dressed in Dior Homme, Karl Lagerfeld
4-Dressed in Dior Homme, Karl Lagerfeld
5-Dressed in Emporio Armani

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Breakfast Television Montreal - Exclusive RW&Co interview with Hayden Christensen

One more video featuring Hayden being interviewed about the new 2014 RW&Co summer collection coming May 8th. Don't forget to visit the new Hayden Christensen for RW&Co site to see all the latest pics and vids with Hayden dressed for Spring and Summer.

City TV interviews Hayden Christensen about his new RW&Co collection.

Hayden is a busy guy these days. Last year he announced a new production company at the Cannes International Film Festival that he runs with brother Tove and an international group of partners. He filmed two movies back to back last year. American Heist which stars Hayden (also producer), Adrien Brody (producer) and Jordana Brewster (Fast and Furious) is in post production along with the second movie Outcast, filmed in China which co-stars Nicolas Cage and Crystal Yifei. He also served as a producer on the upcoming horror comedy Cooties starring Elijah Wood and the now in production horror film Lady of Csejte.

Somewhere in 2013 Hayden also found time to collaborate with RW&Co to design a men's clothing line. The fall collection debuted in October of 2013 and was well received and Hayden says he's been bitten by the design bug and enjoys the process very much. When not working in Hollywood Hayden has spent time back home in Canada using his talents and creativity to design buildings and the landscape around his 200 acre farm.

This May, RW&Co will launch Hayden's second clothing line for Summer. As much as the color palette and inspiration for the new line comes from his country home in Ontario, Hayden says he also was inspired by the time spent in Barbados while working on the collection. You'll find a casual yet well put together style in this latest RW&Co men's line. (author: Barbara)

See two video interviews with Hayden from City TV of Canada. Find Part 1 from 0:00 to 1:57 on the counter. In Part 2, find Hayden at 4:15 on the counter.

Hayden Christensen and RW&Co announce new 2014 collection.

Hayden has once again collaborated with Canadian retailer RW&Co for a new summer collection. Hayden says the 18 piece collection reflects the Ontario countryside where Hayden has a farm and likes to spend time outdoors. The organic colors of the clothes come from nature surrounding the farm community outside of Toronto.

While you might think that all the pieces in the collection would appeal only to men, some of the fall collection did have appeal for women too. Slim fitting jeans, shirts and scarves in the fall collection will be replaced with chambray and denim shirts and even shorts for summer that also have a casual feminine appeal. Hayden says he likes the idea that women like the clothes too and that it's kind of like wearing your boyfriend's comfortable shirt.

The new menswear line will be available May 8th in RW&Co locations in Canada and on their website. The new website went live March 26th with a new design and layout featuring Hayden dressed for Spring and Summer. An upbeat teaser trailer for Hayden Christensen for RW&Co is below. (author: Barbara)

Another Hayden Christensen photoshoot coming soon...

Karola Style just posted a Twitter teaser. Keeping our eyes open for another photo shoot of Hayden coming very soon. Eagle eyes.....

Hayden Christensen Interview in April issue of Madame Figaro China

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Hayden Christensen April 2014 magazine interview.Hayden Christensen April 2014 issue of Madame Figaro China.
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Hayden Christensen Figaro April 2014.Hayden Christensen interview April issue of Madame Figaro China 2014.

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Hayden Christensen Figaro April 2014.Hayden Christensen behind the scenes, April issue of Madame Figaro China 2014.

Hayden is featured in the April 2014 issue of Madame Figaro China.

Hayden's layout and article in the fashion magazine includes a stunning photoshoot and a brief interview with Hayden. As always, it's a general translation so don't take anything as an exact quote. My translator skills with Chinese are hit and miss. (Thanks to Marcy for finding the on set photo.)

Madame Figaro Magazine Article - March 19, 2014 (Translation)

Figaro did not ask any questions about Anakin Skywalker. After all, that chapter of his life has been completed. Hayden Christensen says he does not want to imagine the future. In fact, he feels living in the past also does not make sense. As he put it, "The most important thing is to cherish now."

About Hollywood

Even if Hayden Christensen were with a million people in the main square, I believe you would see him at a glance. Anyway, I could. Not because I am so blessed with keen observation or good eyesight, but because he is so handsome. Like the lyrics to a song: I love your heart. It is particularly soft. If applied to Hayden Christensen: "fell in love" because his smile can melt everything, including your heart.

About Life

And how is life going for Hayden Christensen? In the issue, he answered a series of questions: After filming he will probably go back to his farm in Toronto and do some architectural design [or construction] play piano, write music, do fashion design, manage the new production company [Glacier Films] with his brother. There is a dog. The pigs were supposed to be mini-pigs but they ended up growing to standard size. He'll go for a walk in the country or ride his dirt bike and hopes to raise a few horses....

Who wouldn't want this way of life if you had the ability to choose it?

Q & A (MF-Madame Figaro, HC-Hayden Christensen

MF: You have had a beard for a very long time now. How do you like the style?
HC: For filming the "Outcast", I have had a beard, but this makes me look like a circus performer, ha ha. I am very happy with the role and to have a different style. For this role, it was worth it.

MF: When did you realize that you are especially handsome?
HC: To be honest, I never thought about it.

MF: Do you think it's a compliment if people think your are handsome?
HC: I am always glad to accept a compliment. Of course I prefer that people praise for me my actions and not just because of the good looks my parent gave me.

MF: What is the biggest challenge you've ever faced?
HC: Faced with the pressure of work and life, to be able to stay true myself and what I believe. To always be humble and calm in the face of praise and not forget what my parents taught me.

MF: There were a lot of martial arts scenes in Outcast. Was it a lot of hard work
? HC: I love a challenge. Every movie is a new challenge for me. This movie had a lot of action scenes which can be challenging. I know my own body so I faced the challenge but the difference was doing this while living in China faced with a different culture, food and experiencing many interesting and exciting things I never had before.

MF: Are there many scenes that you play opposite Liu in Outcast?
HC: There are quite a lot. She is very good, a very talented actress. We worked well together. She is very beautiful but I have a girlfriend already.

MF: What kind of actor do you want to be?
HC: I admire an actor who can put themselves in the role. After 10 years I'd like to look back to see that I've experienced many different types of roles and become a better actor.

MF: How do you blend in with the Hollywood lifestyle?
HC: I find Hollywood interesting, you can extend the communication, you can be original. Some people like to live every day in front of the camera. Hollywood will give them that kind of environment. I like to become invisible when I'm not acting. Hollywood can also be a comfortable place for me to live.

MF: What kind of girl do you like?
HC: Someone confident, funny, optimistic, kind. Inner beauty is important.

MF: What is your family's biggest influence on you?
HC: Family is important to me. We love each other. My parents taught me when I was very young to face life with optimism. This had a big influence on me.

Hayden Christensen for RW&Co and RAD Hourani

Recent pictures of Hayden have appeared online from Jimmy Hamelin for RW&Co and Rad Hourani of RAD Haute Couture. A couple of teaser pics from another photoshoot hosted by Deminology have also surfaced and hopefully we get to see more soon.

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Hayden Christensen new fashion shoot for 2014.Hayden Christensen new fashion collection coming soon for 2014 Spring/Summer.
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Hayden Christensen photoshoot 2014.Hayden Christensen for RW&Co.

Hayden Christensen New Fashion Collection Coming Soon.

Karola-Style (Twitter) recently tweeted some interesting and welcome news. According to Karola-Style, Hayden will be announcing a new clothing line soon probably for Spring and/or Summer.

China and France Connect with Outcast starring Hayden Christensen

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Hayden Christensen and Nicolas Cage star in Outcast a Chinese, French, Canadian Co-production.

Variety - France has experienced significant increases in international productions coming from China in the last 10 years. China is one of the world fastest growing international film and television markets. Still it's a challenge to get a production going in China and film producers from around the world have needed to find a different approach to working there. The U.S. and France are two of a small list of countries that have made films in China with France developing an increasing number of co-productions


“Co-productions not only involve locations in France, but also VFX and sound work.

For example, film financier Leonard Glowinski, coproduced the Chinese-Canadian-French co-production “Outcast,” starring Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen, with sound post-production conducted in France.

“Chinese producers are looking to include a few specific things in their films in order to engage with Chinese audiences – including shots of Paris, French castles and vineyards,” Glowinski suggests. ”

Glacier Films adds The Tank to production slate.

Hayden Christensen's production company Glacier Films adds to production slate for 2014.

Berlin: According to Deadline.com Hayden's production company Glacier Films will be producing the upcoming thriller "The Tank" acquired for U.S. distribution by Open Road Films during the Berlin Film Festival.

Deadline Exclusive

“Open Road Films is picking up U.S. distribution rights to The Tank, a thriller from writer-director Kellie Madison. The pic revolves around six people entering an isolation tank designed to simulate the lengthy trip to Mars. Production is set to begin in April in Ohio. Glacier Films’ Tove Christensen, Sarik Andreasyan and Vladimir Poliakov are producing alongside Steven Schneider. The deal was negotiated in Berlin by Tom Ortenberg and Elliott Kleinberg of Open Road and Ben Weiss of Paradigm. ”

Hayden Christensen's American Heist part of growing international industry.

Berlin Film Festival News - Katya Mtsitouridze, Roskino CEO, the government backed organization that promotes Russian cinema worldwide is hopeful for a growing movie industry that includes international producers making movies with Russian partners.

Source: Berlin: Russian Biz Looks to Bond with International Industry


“"More and more Russian producers are looking to get involved in co-productions, Mtsitouridze and Ruzaev [Variety Russia] agree. One of the most active is Georgy Malkov’s Enjoy Movies, whose Russia-U.S. pics include action-thriller “American Heist,” starring Hayden Christensen. Pic’s production partner is Glacier Films." ”

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Hayden Christensen and Glacier Films form international partnerships and co-production with Russian filmmakers on American Heist.

Vader Facebook Look Back Video with Hayden Christensen

A Facebook Look Back video created by Joshua Dill starts off with the familiar and always thrilling: "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away." Look Back videos have been created by Facebook on many popular topics. Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader as portrayed by Hayden Christensen and Jake Lloyd are remembered in flashbacks from all the Star Wars films along with famous quotes and memorable scenes in this Facebook Look Back.

Hayden Christensen interviewed by actress Joan Chen for CCTV6


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Original videos:

CCTV6 Star Wars Event - 30 minutes
CCTV6 Video with Hayden - 10 minutes
CCTV6 Star Wars Happy New Year - 1 minute

Joan Chen: What was the Star Wars casting process like?

The casting process was long and Hayden returned for 4 or 5 call-backs. He had a meeting with Robin Gurland and then on another trip he met with George Lucas at the Skywalker Ranch. Hayden recalled that meeting with Lucas at Skywalker Ranch for the first time was a very surreal experience. He also felt a bit overwhelmed when he finally met Natalie for their audition together.

Joan Chen: Mentioned how she hates auditions and wondered if Hayden remembered any nerve wracking moments during the Star Wars process.

Hayden said he was very nervous with butterflies in his stomach and at one point got a frog in his throat and briefly lost his voice while auditioning with Natalie Portman. Joan Chen also recalled a story she heard that Hayden threw up on the way to the ranch. Hayden made light of it and said he wasn't going to bring that up but it did happen.

In another interesting behind the scenes story, Hayden said that Robert De Niro showed up to the set the day they filmed the end of the fight scene where Obi Wan cuts down Anakin on the shore of Mustafar. De Niro came up to him while he was doing push-ups and said he does the same thing when getting ready for a scene. Hayden said there were a lot of neat people that showed up to the set to watch the filming just because it was Star Wars and they wanted to see it first hand.

Hayden and Anthony Daniels took a few questions from the audience and were asked about the new Star Wars movies to be produced by Disney and directed by JJ Abrams. Specifically asked about their participation, Hayden said he probably would not be in the movies especially since Darth Vader died in Episode VI. Anthony Daniels said that he has appeared in all of the past six movies but hasn't gotten a call about appearing.

Joan Chen: Wanted to know what Hayden learned the most as an actor during the two movies.

“It was the most incredible learning experience I could have asked for. I got to watch George Lucas, amazing visionary storyteller work, and I got to work with him and seeing his process and how he goes about making his decisions and that was what was most interesting...was watching him craft his stories and make them into these amazing movies...was the greatest learning experience.”

Hayden Christensen on China CCTV6 Star Wars Special

Disney and Lucasfilm have been growing in Asia with the recent opening of a post production studio in Singapore and with previous ILM visits to Beijing. George Lucas was escorted by his now familiar and usual squadron of stormtroopers and of course Darth Vader to officially open Lucasfilm's new Singapore headquarters. Lucas couldn't be more proud of their accomplishment saying they couldn't have found a better partner anywhere in the world.

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy was also on hand for the occasion and noted this will be the biggest year ever at Industrial Light and Magic. Source: Hollywood Reporter

George Lucas, Kathleen Kennedy, Matthew Wood, Anthony Daniels and Hayden Christensen were among those on hand doing press and interviews to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a special airing of the prequel trilogy.

A special Star Wars movie event on CCTV6 marked the Chinese Lunar New Year, the year of the horse, and gave fans in china the opportunity to see Star Wars Episodes I, II and III on consecutive nights beginning on February 1, 2014. Special interviews were scheduled to air during the showings including one with Hayden Christensen and Anthony Daniels. Hayden had just finished filming Outcast in China in December and was available for an interview with Joan Chen which aired duing the Star Wars special in February. Source: Netease Entertainment

More interview photos can be found in the China Outcast Album

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Hayden Christensen China CCTV6 interview for Star Wars special.Hayden Christensen interviewed by China CCTV6 for Star Wars movie event.
Click for Larger Images
Hayden Christensen was interviewed by actress Joan Chen for China's CCTV6 Star Wars special.Hayden Christensen was in China filming Outcast where he also appeared on CCTV6 for a Star Wars movie special.

Star Wars 501st Legion in China meets with Hayden Christensen.

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Hayden Christensen meets with Star Wars 501st Garrison in China.

Some members of Star Wars 501st Garrison in China were given the opportunity to meet with their leader Darth Vader at an event recently sponsored by Phoenix Entertainment. Hayden Christensen had just wrapped filming in China on Outcast and met with 501st members and fans to sign autographs and sit down for an interview on December 10, 2013. The occasion was all the more special to fans as they know that Hayden rarely makes appearances at Star Wars related events. The 501st Legion is a Star Wars fan based costuming organization with units and squads all over the world who regularly make appearances a Star Wars celebrations and do some outstanding volunteer charity work. Hayden of course was asked about his experience working on in the Star Wars movies.

With a new series of Star Wars films in the works, Hayden was asked if he would play a role in the new movies. Hayden says of course if they ask him to come back he will but he said when we last saw Darth Vader he was an old man and he died. He knows there are suggestions that Vader could come back as a force ghost or in flashback but he doesn't think that is what anyone is thinking for the new movies.

Hayden sustained quite a few injuries while filming Outcast saying that his foot might be the only thing that survived without injury. In November Hayden injured his shoulder and had to stop working for a few weeks to let it heal and then went back to finish scenes. He also included a knee injury in what he described as a comedy of injuries during filming but is healing. He was asked if he was injured while filming other movies. Hayden recalled punching the wall in "Life as a House" where he broke some fingers. The shoulder injury during Outcast filming was particularly hard to work around since Hayden was doing a lot of action and sword fighting that required use of his arm.

Watch the entire video interview at Ifeng Movie News. Also viiew more photos in the Outcast Album - Behind the Scenes.

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Hayden Christensen Star Wars event in China with the 501st Legion.

Lionsgate Infected by Cooties. Hayden Christensen Producer.

As an executive producer of Cooties, it's good news for Hayden Christensen and production company Glacier films that Lionsgate has acquired North American rights to the film that stars Elijah Wood (also a producer) during the Sundance Film Festival. Cooties became a surprise hit at it's midnight showing during Sundance. Elijah Wood and his Spectrevision production company along with Glacier Films' Gevond Andreasyan, Sarik Andreasyan, Tove Christensen and Georgy Malkov all produced from a script by Ian Brennan and Leigh Whannell and was directed by Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion. The deal was negotiated through Paradigm on behalf of the filmmakers. Sources: The Daily Dead and Variety

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Hayden Christensen interview from China. Hayden pictured as Knight Crusader on set.

Hayden Christensen Outcast Interview - Part 2

Sina News Part 2 [General translation from Chinese] - When Hayden first arrived in China in 2012 to announce the new upcoming film Outcast, he had a full beard and very long hair and was ready for his close up as a knight in the period drama set in 12th century China. After some delays, filming finally began in September 2013 having settled on a shorter beard and slightly different hairstyle. He told Sina News he was not satisfied with his try at a full beard and in joking said maybe 10 years from now he might grow a better beard. Hayden and Director Nick Powell decided on a shorter beard. Sina also wanted to know about the romance between Hayden's and Liu Yifei's characters which is part of Outcast's storyline but the passion is held to a PG level and based on innocent, pure love. He was also injured during filming but overall Hayden admitted he has a good feeling about how the film has turned out and felt the cast and crew were talented and professional and would love to work in China again.

Pictured below: Hayden on set in armor and chain mail in Tianjin and Hebei locations. Also: Tove Christensen suits up as a knight for a scene in Tianjin.

Q and A:

SINA Entertainment: This is your first trip to China for a large scale film with mostly Chinese actors. How did it feel working with this team?

Hayden: It feels great, you will have some kind of premonition about the film. I feel very good about this. Director (Nick - Powell) cast the parts well and crew cooperation was also very professional, and I look forward to shoot a movie in China again. I was happy to work together with Liu Yifei. She is very talented. There are kids Bill Su (Sujia Air, "Xinghai" child star, played Yifei's brother). He was 12 years old but the acting is very good.

SINA Entertainment: You play opposite Liu Yifei? What was it like working together?

Hayden: I played the Princess's bodyguard. As the plot develops, love grows and unlike most love stories there is something special in their relationship. She gives a great performance with this romance, and she gave me a lot of insight.

SINA Entertainment: It is said that there are some intimate scenes. Specifically how close?

Hayden: After all, this is a PG (parental guidance suggested for children unaccompanied by their parents) grade movie kiss. There are some expressions in this regard, but no X-rated content. Rest assured.

SINA Entertainment: You had private conversations with her? No language barriers, right?

Hayden: We talked a lot. Her English is very good and we explored a lot of things with the director so everything would be more real. I had a good relationship with the actors off screen and we shared a lot of laughs. It was the same with young Bill who was like my younger brother.

SINA Entertainment: He is so young, how did you two get along? Did you give him candy?

Hayden: Haha, yes, I used candy to lure him! No. He was very outgoing, and very humorous. He is very professional for an actor who is 12 years old and every scene performance lived up to expectations. He was easy to work with.

SINA Entertainment: How did you interpret your own role playing Arken? How did you prepare for the role?

Hayden: Arken's story may be said to be a redemptive journey. NIcholas Cage's character first began to question the singificance of the Crusaders than he found Arken and trys to stay away from war. Arken is on a journey to find inner peace and struggling between right and wrong. He is very contradictory. He struggles with religion, faith and God. For me to play a role before and after he changes is very interesting. I did a lot of homework on who Arken was as a Crusader but during filming I also had a deeper understanding of Arken.

SINA Entertainment: What did you do to physically prepare for the role? Arken should be relatively stronger for it.

Hayden: I learned karate four or five hours a day and also spent a lot of time in the gym to gain some strength because Arken is a warrior, using a heavy sword.

SINA Entertainment: Some handsome or famous actors like role playing with some disfigurement or weight gain. It seems that you don't like to portray this type of image?

Hayden: I did play a role....such as the need to fatten up. On the other hand, I used to lose weight for roles. Actually, I kind of want to play this type but no suitable projects at this time.

SINA Entertainment: What did you most want to do after finishing this movie?

Hayden: My body needed rest. I was hurt making the film. In addition to the shoulder I also hurt my knee. I am looking forward to the Christmas holidays to see my family.

SINA Entertainment: What makes you happy on the farm?

Hayden: Walking in the spring field. I love nature so the dogs and I walked along the countryside or the forest - sometimes with dogs, sometimes with a pig. I also like riding my motorcycle or Benz snowmobile off-road.

SINA Entertainment: This is not a little dangerous? Or just your everyday Canadian activity?

Hayden: I was motocross riding and sprained an ankle but suffered no serious injuries.

SINA Entertainment: over the years, who is your best friend?

Hayden: My brother? He is a producer.

SINA entertainment: actor [friend] ...

Hayden: My last film (American Heist) I was fortunate enough to work with Adrien Brody. I feel he can be considered a good friend. We have a lot in common. He also has a house in the country, doing some farm work.

SINA Entertainment: A while ago when you shot "Outcast", you were injured when you fell off a horse. Has it healed? What was the situation?

Hayden: In fact, quite stupid and embarrassing. I had a scene where the the stand-in was filmed taking a fall and they just needed to film my face. To make the filming realistic I must approach running and hit the ground hard but I am wearing a Crusader Knight costume with chain mail and armor that is heavy. The first try was not good and I hit the shoulder. Three times I hit it and the last time I thought I broke the collarbone but in fact did not. It was a shoulder ligament injury and is now much better.

Click for Larger Image
Hayden Christensen interview from China. Hayden pictured as Knight Crusader on set.

Click for Larger Images
Hayden Christensen grabs a cup of coffee on the set of Outcast in Tianjin.Hayden Christensen takes a coffee break on the set of Outcast.

Click for Larger Images
Hayden Christensen in full armor on horseback on the set of OutcastHayden Christensen on a desert set in Hebei filming a Crusades battle scene in the film Outcast.
Click for Larger Images
Hayden Christensen's brother Producer Tove Christensen suits up in armor for a scene on Outcast.Producer Tove Christensen gets ready to film a battle scene on the set of Outcast in Tianjin.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Hayden Christensen Fan News

Happy Holidays! Wishing everyone peace and joy this holiday season and the best in the new year. I hope your holidays are filled with happy celebrations with family and friends. Thank you to all the fans who visit and to Hayden who has brought us together as friends. Friendship and kindness are gifts we can always give and receive every day of year.

Hayden Christensen Fan News Latest News and Updates.

Hayden Christensen Outcast Interview - It's a Wrap!

Sina News Part 1 [General translation from Chinese] - Hayden was back in China for awhile this month (December) for reshoots and to finish production on Outcast. The film now goes into post-production and will be released some time in 2014.

Before Hayden left China this time around, he sat down for an interview with the Chinese news media and answered questions about working in China, the farm, best friends and his plans for the future among other things.

The reporter talked to Hayden about his next projects. Still constantly asked about his role as Anakin in Star Wars, Hayden said he loves acting but the Hollywood lifestyle is fast-paced whereas Canadians might do movies at a lesser frequency of about one a year and then take advantage of enjoying the break to do other things. Now that the movie is finished filming he will have time to enjoy family and friends for the holidays.

He has not made a film in four years and took the time to work on his farm in Toronto and take care of the animals. The two mini pigs he got a few years ago are not so small anymore and he realized that "mimi" pigs are a myth. He takes a walk in the countryside sometimes bringing the pigs or his dogs. Hayden also likes to work the soil or make things in the workshop he built or do construction around the farm.

Conversation With Hayden Christensen

“LOS ANGELES: What did you do for four years?

Hayden : I'm in the countryside north of Toronto, where I have real estate. It's a bit like a return to the old days of family life. I myself do farm work, construction and built a workshop, a barn, and still repairing a 150-year-old shed. I like architecture and to design things. There is also music. I like to play the piano, jazz, blues and the like. I also began to design clothes, I have my own clothing line in Canada, and now I wear this scarf is one from the collection. Also my brother and I set up a production company, and I also like to travel ......”

Click for Larger Image
Hayden Christensen interview from China. Outcast wraps filming.

Click for Larger Images
Hayden Christensen wraps Outcast in China. Interview.Hayden Christensen wraps filming on Outcast in China and talks about going home for the holidays.

Click for Larger Images
Hayden Christensen interview in China after production wraps on Outcast.Hayden Christensen heads home for the holidays after filming wraps on Outcast.
Click for Larger Images
Hayden Christensen interview on Outcast, the farm, Hollywood, friends, Paul Walker.Hayden Christensen Outcast interview in China. Hayden remembers Paul Walker.

Hayden Christensen Remembers Paul Walker

December 12, 2013 - [General translation] In a recent interview with Sina News in China, Hayden remembered Paul Walker as a co-star, a friend and a very good person and was very sad about the news of his passing. His time spent with Paul on the set of Takers was a happy experience and remembers spending time with Paul always laughing together. Hayden said the sad news about Paul's death makes him cherish life even more.

The whole cast got along very well. Paul was a hard worker on the set and well liked by everyone, from cleaning crew to movie crew to cast and director. Paul Walker's funeral is today in Los Angeles and Hayden planned on being back in California to pay his respects. Source: Sina Entertainment

Click for Larger Image
Hayden Christensen remembers Paul Walker and pays his respects.

Glacier Films' Cooties to Screen at Sundance

Actor and Spectrevision producer Elijah Wood along with Glacier Films producers Hayden Christensen, Tove Christensen, Sarik Andreasyan, Gevond Andreasyan and Georgy Malkov will be screening their horror film "Cooties" at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival in January. Cooties stars Elija Wood, Rainn Wilson and Alison Pill as teachers confronting preadolescent children transformed into a swarm of cannibalistic little monsters after eating chicken nuggets in the school cafeteria. That's pretty chilling. Right?

The picture below shows teachers coming face to face with one of the little nuggets...er....monsters in the teacher's lounge. From the angle in the picture, however, I'm more afraid of that pointy memo holder on the table. I guess the big reveal will come at the midnight screening of Cooties at the Sundance Film Festival, January 16 - 26 in Park City Utah. Source: Variety.

Click for Larger Image
Elijah Wood stars in Cooties from Wood's Spectrevision and Hayden's new production company Glacier Films.

In other production news for Cooties, the Glacier Films and Spectrevision production has been picked up for distribution by Universal Pictures International for key markets in Brazil, Germany and the U.K. The horror comedy was written by fright master Leigh Whannell and "Glee" co-creator Ian Brennan and is directed by Cary Munion and Jonathan Milott. Cooties will be one of the first movies to be seen from Glacier Films production slate. Another Glacier Films production, American Heist starring Hayden Christensen is due for release in 2014. Source: The Hollywood Reporter

New American Heist Poster with Hayden Christensen

Enjoy Entertainment continues to promote American Heist at film events. This time a complete trailer for American Heist was presented at the Moscow International Film Market. Maybe we'll get to see the trailer soon.

American Heist is the story of two brothers, both with troubled paths, who find themselves in the middle of one last bank job. The movie is based on the 1958 Great St. Louis Bank Robbery starring Steve McQueen. American Heist will be released sometime in 2014 and was filmed on location in New Orleans and stars Hayden Christensen, Adrien Brody, Jordana Brewster and Akon.

A report from the presentation "Karoprokat" and Enjoy Movies.

“The presentation started with a fresh complete trailer "Robbery-up" [American Heist] in which we could see the helicopter crash, funny grimace on Adrien Brody and hear the joke about Yoda from Hayden Christensen. In the presentation dedicated to the third anniversary of the studio Enjoy Movies, flashed pictures of the "infected" [Cooties] - the horror of child killers with Elijah Wood as a school teacher. Producer George Malkov said that the movies could be the opening film of one of the closest major festivals.”

Click for Larger Image
New American Heist poster. Full trailer shown at Moscow Film Market.

Happy Thanksgivng from Hayden Christensen Fan News

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I hope your day and the coming holiday weekend is filled with many good things.

Click for Larger Image
Happy Thanksgiving 2013 from Hayden Christensen Fan News.

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There are some things still under construction and the site will be going through some continuous updating but it shouldn't disrupt the latest news. There is a link to the comment page in each post so feel free to comment on the latest updates.

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Hayden Christensen Fan News Latest News and Updates.

Hayden Christensen injured but okay during filming of Outcast.

Recent articles in the Chinese media give a little more information about Hayden's injury on location while filming Outcast in China. They were filming a chase scene and Hayden fell from his horse. After several takes of this particular scene, Hayden fell and tore the ACL in his shoulder. The article says that some scenes had to be postponed to film at a later date to accommodate Hayden's recovery. If other information is correct, Hayden may be going back to China in about a month to do re-shoots. Media reports say the film is still expected to be in theaters summer of 2014. That could be just the China release. There is no US release date yet. Source: China Daily

Hayden spoke about his shoulder injury at the launch of his men's collection for RW&Co. He was looking a little stiff and said he should be wearing a sling but went without it for the event. Hayden did go right back to China the next day to continue filming until production wrapped around November 8th. See the video below dated November 1, 2013.

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Hayden Christensen stars in Outcast from Arclight Films with screening at AFM.

Movie Report - Outcast sells in nearly all international territories.

Hayden Christensen's latest movie project Outcast has sold to most major international markets. In an article on IF.com, Arclight Films looks to solve the problems of foreign co-productions and produce projects with appeal to both Chinese and Western audiences. Gary Hamilton, of Arclight Films, "is confident it will overcome the Chinese co-production hoodoo with Outcast".

The action film shot in China starring Nicolas Cage, Hayden Christensen and Yifei Liu was featured at the recent AFM where Arclight senior VP of sales and acquisitions Clay Epstein presented a clip of from Outcast. The co-production between China, the UK, France and Canada will be released some time in 2014. Source: IF.com

Hayden Christensen - Opening Ceremonies for the start of production on Outcast.
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Hayden Christensen at opening ceremonies on the first day of production for Outcast in Beijing.

Hayden Christensen for RW&Co interview with TDot TV

Video interview with Hayden Christensen at the RW&Co. launch October 30th. Hayden talks about why he decided to take on the challenge of a fashion collection in collaboration with RW&Co. Did you know Hayden also once had an interest in becoming an architect? VIDEO Link: TDOT TV

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Hayden Christensen interview with TDot TV.

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Hayden Christensen talks about his capsule collection in collaboration with RW&Co.

5 Minutes with Hayden Christensen

Flare Magazine did an interview with Hayden at the launch of his RW&CO. collection getting his thoughts on men's fashion and design inspired by time on his farm in Toronto. For more from the interview visit Flare Magazine Online

FLARE: How would you describe your collection?

HC: If I were to describe it, I would say it is clothing that is very accessible and easy to wear. There’s a little bit of style where it’s unexpected but there’s also a modesty about it too—it’s not flamboyant style, it’s subtle style.

FLARE: What provoked your interest in designing a menswear line?

HC: Generally speaking, I have always had an interest in design. Growing up I thought I would study architecture or something similar, so I’ve always had an eye for the aesthetic of things. Through my acting, I have had some exposure to the fashion world and I started to think about clothes and design so when RW&Co approached me about the line, it just made sense.

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Hayden Christensen interview with Flare Magazine.

Outcast starring Hayden Christensen sells in most international territories.

As stated previously, Arclight Films had a very good experience at this years AFM. It is now known that Outcast starring Nicolas Cage, Hayden Christensen and Liu Yifei "had been pre-sold to nearly every international territory" according to Arclight senior VP of sales and acquisitions Clay Epstein who presented a clip at AFM. Outcast is scheduled to be released in 2014. Source

Easternlight, the Asia division of Arclight Films, is confident they can solve some of the problems in foreign co-productions faced when trying to find projects that appeal to both Chinese and Western audiences.

Hayden Christensen Interview from Outcast Press Conference

Hayden did several interviews the day of the Outcast Press Conference on October 21. Some are just now appearing online. Here's is another one.

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Hayden Christensen stars in Outcast from Arclight Films with screening at AFM.

Hayden Christensen's Outcast Promoted at AFM

Arclight Films represented sales for Outcast during this months American Film Market recently held in Santa Monica. Outcast wrapped filming in Yunnan Province China on November 8th. Arclight Films scheduled a promotional screening with footage from the unfinished film starring Hayden Christensen, Nicolas Cage and Liu Yifei during the film market that ran from November 6 through November 13, 2013. AFM Info

Aussies buyers fairly active at the AFM - " "The market for us was one of the best in years,” said [Gary] Hamilton, pointing to sales for Chinese co-production Outcast and Left Behind, an action thriller starring Nic Cage, and “huge interest” in the trailer of the Spierig brothers’ time-travelling sci-fi thriller Predestination."

Synopsis: - When the heir of the Imperial Throne becomes the target of assassination by his despised older brother, the young prince's only hope is the protection of his older sister, and the reluctant aid of war-weary Crusaders, Arken (Hayden Christensen) and Gallian (Nicolas Cage) who must overcome their own personal demons, to return the prince to his rightful place on the throne.

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Hayden Christensen stars in Outcast from Arclight Films with screening at AFM.

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Arclight Film presents Outcast at AFM starring Hayden Christensen, Liu Yifei and Nicolas Cage.

News for Outcast starring Hayden Christensen

VARIETY [Nov 10th] - AFM: Movie Business with China - “Chinese buyers are now talking more about the quality of the project than the number of distribution slots,” said Gary Hamilton, CEO of production-sales group Arclight Films. “It is really important to them that this is a global project, rather than something niche. The first three questions they ask are: ‘Who is in it?’ ‘Who is distributing in the States’ and ‘What’s the budget?’

“In one significant way things are changing. Many of the Chinese firms here at AFM seem as interested in co-production as they do in outright acquisition,” said Ying Ye, Hamilton’s partner in Arclight’s specialty Asian label, Easternlight.”

The Chinese partner is likely to have a say in who gets cast. Arclight/Easternlight already have Nicolas Cage actioner “Outcast” [also with Hayden Christensen] and thriller “The Nest 3D,” which is in development, structured as Chinese co-ventures. More: Variety

VARIETY [Nov7th] - Asia Bureau Chief - "Production is now under way in China on “Outcast,” a Chinese-themed action movie starring Nicolas Cage. The film, repped at AFM by Easternlight, the Asian label of Arclight Films, is the directorial debut of British stunt director Nick Powell, who has won five Taurus awards for his stunt escapades and was action choreographer on “The Bourne Identity.” Locations include several in Beijing, Hebei province and the exotic region of Yunnan."

“Nick Powell’s expertise in the world of stunts and martial arts along with his discerning eye are all huge assets to ensuring an authentic and thrilling action film that will resonate with audiences all over the world,” said Ying Ye, managing director of Easternlight." More: Variety

Hayden Christensen for RW&CO Fashion Nation TV Interview

Lolitta Dandoy interviews Hayden at the launch of his RW&Co. collection at Eaton Centre in Toronto on October 30, 2013. Hayden was asked how he felt about finally seeing the collection in RW&Co. stores. Click the picture below for the linked video to Fashion TV.

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Hayden Christensen talks about finally seeing his RW&Co. collection in stores.

Hayden Christensen for RW&CO Kiss 92.5 Headcam Interview

I'm sure a lot of people noticed the guy walking around the RW&Co Launch red carpet wearing a biker helmet. Well, now we can finally see what it was all about. It's called the headcam for 92.5 Kiss FM who did an interview with Hayden from the launch of his clothing line for RW&Co. You'll see in the video below why it's called the head cam.

Hayden Christensen's RW&Co. Interview for Canada AM

Hayden did a video interview for Canada AM. He spoke about becoming a designer and his latest movie project Outcast. He explained why he was looking a little stiff at the launch of his new clothing line and how he injured his shoulder doing a stunt on location in China. Click on the picture below to be taken to the video.

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Hayden Christensen talks about being a designer for RW&Co. and injury his shoulder on the set of Outcast.

Hayden Christensen for RW&Co. Media

RW&Co. has added a new campaign video featuring Hayden and the new collection on the farm in Toronto.

Hayden Christensen for RW&CO Launch

RW&Co. dressed out their Eaton Centre location in Toronto for the official launch of Hayden Christensen's capsule collection Wednesday night. Flying in from the set of his current movie project Outcast, Hayden was decked out completely in clothes from the collection. He walked the red carpet and met with the press to answer questions along with Joe Fezzuoglio RW&CO.'s Men's Merchandise Manager, who worked with Hayden on the collection's development.

The party lasted into the night with SkyVodka Canada providing refreshment and even a drink mixed and named after Hayden. SKYY LEMON-AYDEN made with SKYY Vodka, Lemonade, Soda, Simple Syrup and Mint. Hayden gave several video interviews which I'm sure we'll see in coming days. Hayden may be flying right back to China to wrap production on Outcast which is scheduled to end about November 9th. Pictures of Hayden below and in the gallery. More coming soon. RW&Co Launch Gallery

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Hayden Christensen launches new clothing line for RW&CO.

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Hayden Christensen for RW&CO launches October 30, 2013 at Eaton Centre, Toronto.Hayden Christensen celebrates launch of capsule collection at launch for RW&Co.
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Hayden Christensen's launches RW&Co collection and celebrates with Skyvodka's Sky Lemon-ayden

Hayden Christensen RW&Co. behind the scenes video.

Just a few days until Hayden Christensen launches his new capsule collection for RW&Co. Here is a behind the scenes look with Hayden at work in the design offices of RW&Co and filming of the promo which took place at Hayden's farm in Toronto.

Hayden Christensen RW&CO. behind the scenes photos.

Star power at RW&CO. - Hayden Christensen's new line. - This is RW&CO.’s first design collaboration, and they picked a great partner. Vancouver-born Hayden Christensen, better known to the world as Anakin Skywalker, has come full circle with his 20-piece collection for Holiday 2013, available as of November 7th. "Growing up in Canada, my siblings and I always loved shopping at RW&CO. I'm excited to partner with a brand I feel such an authentic connection to, and I'm looking forward to wearing my designs.” We’re looking forward to seeing him in them. Source: TorontoEatonCentre.com

Hayden chose his farm in the Toronto countryside as a the location for videos and photoshoots for his new collection with RW&Co. See the pictures below and more in the photo album here

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Hayden Christensen on location at the farm for video filming for RW&Co.Hayden Christensen's farm is the backdrop for new promotional video for RW&Co.
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Hayden Christensen behind the scenes video filming for RW&Co.Hayden Christensen behind the scenes photoshoot and video production for RW&Co.

Hayden Christensen interview for China's CCTV News

A joint film venture between China, the US and Canada, "Outcast" is currently in production in Beijing. A promotional tour has brought the film's stars including Nicholas Cage to the Chinese capital. CCTV News sat down with co-star Hayden Christensen to talk about his China experience, the new film and of course "Star Wars".

Hayden Christensen and Nicolas Cage - Outcast Press Conference Video

Hayden Christensen and Nicolas Cage spoke about their experiences filming Outcast in China during the press conference for the film in Beijing.

Nicolas Cage - Very impressed with the people and the culture of the people. "I meant it when I said I love your food." The presence of the premiere state of the art studio China is building makes him want to have a base in Hong Kong so he can work more in Chinese films.

Question: What is it like working with Liu Yifei and Nicolas Cage?

Hayden - "Both are a pleasure. To get to work with Mr. Nicolas Cage has been a great honor for me. He's a legend and icon and one of my personal favorite actors so it's been a real treat."

"Getting to work with Ci Ci [Liu Yifei] has been incredible. She has amazing poise and just has a real presence on camera and gives a lot as an actor. So she's very generous. It's great."

Nicolas Cage talks about Hayden during Outcast Press Conference.

Nicolas Cage recently earned the appreciation of multitudes of Hayden Christensen fans around the world. In this linked video during the Outcast press conference Mr. Cage explains why he wanted to be a part of the project. Press Conference Q & A transcript below.Video Source: Sina

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Hayden Christensen and Nicolas Cage at Outcast Press Conference 10-20-2013.

Nicolas Cage - "I'd always wanted to do a movie here...When i found out i could possibly support Hayden is this movie and to be in one of my favorite countries in the world I said yeah, I want to do that."

Audience Question - This is your first time shooting a cooperation film in China. What kind of expectations do you have for Outcast?

Nicolas Cage - "Well I try not to have too many expectations. What's most important to me in my criteria is do I like the people I'm working with and do I like where I am. Those are the two main requirements."

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Hayden Christensen and Nicolas Cage at Outcast Press Conference 10-20-2013.

"So having seen Hayden...his....what I respond to....his very kind of edgy and dark superb work with George Lucas, who's a very dear friend of my family, I wanted to work with Hayden. I wanted to support Hayden."

"But also as you know I have a very good relationship with China so the idea of working with Hayden in China and also to get to work with all of your actors here...your actors from China was a new experience for me that I was extremely looking forward to. And so I'm happy to say that it's been an outstanding Outcast experience."

Hayden Christensen attends Outcast Press Conference

Filming is not quite finished on Outcast but Hayden Christensen and the cast were in attendence for a press conference held in Beijing during a break in filming due to a location change. Filming should continue until about November 9th. Joining Hayden were Nicolas Cage, Liu Yifei, Director Nick Powell, Summer Jike, Bill Su and Coco Wang. Pictures below and more in the gallery here.

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Hayden Christensen and Nicolas Cage walk onstage for Outcast Press Conference.Hayden Christensen on stage for Outcast Press Conference.
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Hayden Christensen, Nicolas Cage, Liu Yifei and Summer Jike at Outcast Press Conference

More Photos of Hayden Christensen from the Set of Outcast

Hayden Christensen continues work on his new movie Outcast now filming in China. Hayden plays battle weary Arken, a Crusader, disillusioned with the war who makes his way East along the Silk Road to China where he meets a princess in need of help to get her brother safely into the hands of allies. Trailing them is their brother who has killed their father and seized the throne for himself.

Nicolas Cage co-stars as Gallian, another Crusader, who has also found his way to China. Liu Yifei is Princess Lian and Bill Su is Prince Zhou. The romantic historical drama makes it's way to theaters some time in 2014. Below are pictures of Hayden on the set of Outcast filmed September 25. Hayden, with broadsword in hand, has a word with A stunt coordinator while getting ready to film.

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Hayden Christensen plays a battle weary Crusader protecting a Chinese Princess and her brother who is heir to the throne.Hayden Christensen plays Arken a Crusader who finds himself embroiled in royal intrigue and murder in China.
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Hayden Christensen films a scene at a desert fortress in China.Hayden Christensen readies his broadsword with instruction from a stunt coordinator on the set of Outcast.

Hayden Christensen on the Set of Outcast in Hebei

Hayden Christensen is pictured on location around Beijing, Hebei, Baoding. Several scenes appear to take place in a fortress in the desert where Arken has taken Princess Lian and Prince Zhou as they try escape their murderous brother.

Click for Larger Images
Hayden Christensen desert location for Outcast.Hayden Christensen prepares for a scene on Outcast in Hebei.
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Hayden Christensen another fight scene on location for OutcastHayden Christensen gets make-up and hair touch-up before a scene for Outcast.
Click for Larger Image
Hayden Christensen filming a scene for Outcast in Hebei near Beijing.

Hayden Christensen on the set of Outcast

Hayden Christensen is pictured on the set of Outcast in what appears to be a fight scene involving broad swords. Filming is still under way on the movie currently filming in locations around Beijing. We've seen Hayden growing out a beard and mustache for this role but his hair seems to be dramatically different than we've seen in other movies with the sides shaved close and the top and back left longer.

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Hayden Christensen on the set of Outcast with new hairstyle.
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Hayden Christensen engages in battle with broad swords on the set of Outcast.

Hayden Christensen for RW&CO - 7 Must Have Items

The Globe and Mail previews Hayden's fall/winter fashions for RW&Co, featuring items and price points from the collection. Source: The Globe and Mail. More styles in the photo album. Hayden for RW&Co. - Fashion.

Click for Larger Images
Hayden Christensen must have fashions from his new line for RW&Co.Hayden Christensen exciting new men's fashion for RW&Co.
Click for Larger Images
Hayden Christensen for RW&Co fall and winter men's fashions.Hayden Christensen fashion preview for RW&Co.

Hayden Christensen - Detail Man

From the Montreal Gazette - Hayden Christensen shows his keen eye for men's fashion and his attention to detail in this behind the scenes video. Source: Montreal Gazette

Detail Man by TheGazette

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