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January 29, 2010 - New International 'Takers' Trailer - From Sony and Screen Gems - Watch the new international Takers trailer below.

January 28, 2010 - Olympics Has Hollywood Guest LIst - VANCOUVER - Not everything that sparkles during next month's Winter Games will be Olympic gold. Some of the Games-time gleam in the city will come from the many, many stars expected to be in town to party.

In Whistler, Usher, the Fray, and Jully Black are lined up to perform. The mountain resort north of Vancouver is no stranger to celebrities, and will likely draw its own, long roster of A-list visitors.

"I've heard some pretty big names coming here. It'll be good A-listers, put it that way,'' Fedyck says. He's been told that Hayden Christensen of Star Wars fame, and rapper Sean "Puffy'' Combs are on the Games guest list. Source

A-list at Vancouver 2010 Winter Games may include Hayden Christensen

January 28, 2010 - New York, I Love You on DVD - It's coming February 2, 2010 and you can have your own DVD with Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson and Andy Garcia along with many others in New York, I Love You, just in time for Valentine's Day.

DVD releases for Feb. 2, 2010 - Talk about a line-up of talent! Bradley Cooper, Hayden Christiansen, Andy Garcia, Rachel Bilson, Natalie Portman, Orlando Bloom, Christina Ricci, Ethan Hawke, James Caan, John Hurt, Shia LaBeouf and many, many others star in �New York, I Love You� (Vivendi, $23.98 SRP, R), a tribute in 10 parts to the titular city and directed by some of the world�s most beloved auteurs. A brash mix of drama and comedy make this a memorable viewing and a testament of love to the city that never sleeps.

January 27, 2010 - Star Wars Music Video - From Star Wars Twitter - Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" - This video reminds me of Hayden's appearance on the Jay Leno Show in 2005 just after the premiere of Revenge of the Sith. Tracey Ullman asked Hayden, "Have you danced?" and when he said, "No, I can't say I have", she asked him what does your agent tell you to say. He said, "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I can do anything". LOL Well, we at least get to see Anakin being a rock star and sing and dance in this music video accompanied by Obi Wan on guitar, Mace Windu on bass and Yoda on drums. Enjoy....

January 27, 2010 - 'Star Wars' Saga Goes 3D - George Lucas has had his sights set on a 3D remake since before the release of the last film in the saga, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, in 2005. Now it seems very possible that the original Star Wars trilogy and the prequels will be heading for a technical conversion due in large part to the success of Avatar and advances in the 3D process.

Star Wars saga 3D remake says George Lucas.'Star Wars' films set for 'Avatar' style makeover - 'Star Wars Episode II' stars Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen could be on the big screen again in polished versions of the cult films. Lucas said that he had initially thought of the idea after finishing the last Star Wars film, 'The Revenge of the Sith', in 2005. But he was convinced about the idea after watching blockbuster 'Avatar', which picked up two Golden Globes last week. "We've been looking for years to do this but the technology hasn't been there. I think this will be a new impetus to make that happen," Lucas said.

'Avatar', which cost more than �300m to make, has shattered box-office records and is on the verge of taking �1 billion at the box office since its release. "I liked it. I make movies like that, so I can appreciate what James Cameron went through to do it. It worked well in 3D and I'm happy it's so successful," he added.

Lucas, 65, is planning to begin work on converting the 'Star Wars' films when he finishes [Red Tails] later this year. Since its release in 1977, 'Star Wars' has become a cult phenomenon, having grossed more than �2 billion pounds. Source

January 23, 2010 - Charity Efforts for Haiti - It's something that's been hard to ignore in the last week so I hope no one minds something off topic. I've added the links above to the Text Haiti Campaign from the Red Cross and a link to Partners in Health two organizations who were already in Haiti before the earthquake and need help. These are just suggestions and everyone should research the charity of their choice for themselves before they give to make sure they are legitimate and can get help to victims of this disaster as quickly as possible. I've added a link to Charity Navigator which gives you information on the financial health and efficiency ratings of different organizations responding in Haiti to help you make an informed decision and find a charity you feel you can trust. The links and banners will remain up on the main page throughout the weekend. Aid will be needed long after the last telethons and appeals for help have sounded.

January 20, 2010 - The Chase - Recently, I posted the first news about Hayden's rumored project called "The Chase". There is some confusion about two of John McTiernan's movies currently in development. "Run" and "The Chase", have similar story elements but it's being reported that "Run" has now been renamed "The Chase" even though they are two different movies from different studios.

"The Chase", from Arclight Films, is rumored to star Hayden Christensen in a story of a lamborghini test driver turned skilled getaway driver trying to escape his past and the corrupt cop who is out to get him.

"Run", from Pierce/Williams Entertainment, has a more international theme about an Interpol agent who uncovers a major conspiracy while pursuing a murder suspect in Argentina. Thomas Jane is rumored to star.

Both movies involve conspiracies, fast cars and elaborate car chase scenes. It looks like "The Chase" with Hayden Christensen (rumored) may be set to go before cameras first. If Hayden stars, it will bring one of his real life interests in fast cars and road rallies onto the big screen. Hayden did his own Lamborgini test drive on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Nevada in an exciting showdown on wheels with Dennis Rodman in 2005's Bullrun Rally.

Click for larger image
Hayden Christensen Hotwheels Award - Bullrun 2005
Hayden's ride for Bullrun 2005 - A Yellow Lamborghini (Pic thanks to Marcy)

Related Articles:

Hayden Christensen flies - "This confirms that John McTiernan goes back to business with its highly anticipated Run now renamed The Chase. The main actor in this action film - containing a chase spread over 100 pages of the screenplay...."

Hayden Christensen an ace driver? - "And he is in the cast of John McTiernan (Predator - Die Hard) for his next film The Chase. A feature on a chase. The Jumper actor will be Ace Racers pursued by an Interpol agent?"

January 20, 2010 - Takers Trailer Screen Caps - Screen caps of Hayden as AJ in Takers.

More Takers Screen Caps in the Photo Album

Click for larger image
Takers with Hayden Christensen coming May 14

Hayden Christensen as AJ, aka "The Builder", lays out his plan to the Takers crew before a big heist.

Click for larger image
Hayden Christensen in Takers as AJ

Hayden Christensen "thought this was supposed to be simple" in a scene from Takers due in theaters May 14, 2010.

January 20, 2010 - New Takers Trailer - Sony Pictures Latin America has it's version of the Takers trailer up on YouTube. You can watch the vid below which includes new scenes with Hayden. Yeah!

January 18, 2010 - Vanishing 7th Street Tweets

- A producers screening was held for Hayden's latest project Vanishing on 7th Street.

Dr0id - :) RT @FlyingFalkor: Got to go to the producers screening of Brad Andersons new flick/great editing work @Dr0id! - 11:25 PM Jan 18th - from Echofon

Dr0id - Thanks for coming RT @Kevin_Slack: heading to see a producers screening of Brad Andersons new flick - excited to see @Dr0id's editing work 11:24 PM Jan 18th from Echofon

January 15, 2010 - Vanishing on 7th Street at Film Market - Hayden's latest project, Vanishing on 7th Street, has been added to the lineup of the European Film Market Berlinale 2010. The film market coincides with the Berlin Film Festival from February 11-21. There is no release date yet for Vanishing on 7th Street which is expected out in 2010. Source

January 15, 2010 - Vanishing on 7th Street Website - Herrick Entertainment presents the upcoming Brad Anderson directed film featuring Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton and John Leguizamo. Other information included in the site are the names of the main cast members that make up the five survivors who band together in a small tavern on 7th Street after the population has vanished, including the previously mentioned cast along with Taylor Groothuis and Jacob Latimore. The release date is some time in 2010 and is currently in post production. Source: Herrick Entertainment

More Screencaps in the Photo Album

Click for larger image
Vanishing on 7th Street from Herrick Entertainment starring Hayden Christensen

Click for larger image
Vanishing on 7th Street from Herrick Entertainment starring Hayden Christensen

January 11, 2010 - 'The Chase' Database Updates - The European movie database has updated the listing for Hayden's rumored project 'The Chase". It now shows the production schedule and start of principal [photography] for January. Source

[EDIT: 1-13-2010] The information for start of principal photography has been removed from the above listing. The information in the database for this film is subject to change.

January 11, 2010 - Berlin Film Festival News - Hayden's latest rumored project 'The Chase' is part of the listing for the European Film Market presented as part of the Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale), February 11-21, 2010. Listed film market information for the 'The Chase' from Arclight Films includes director John McTiernan and cast Hayden Christensen. The film previously debuted at the November 2009 American Film Market and is currently listed as in pre-production to be completed in 2010. An actor's name in the festival listing is not a guarantee of the film going forward with the same cast so this is still considered rumor until further confirmation is given. Source

Genre :Action/Adventure
Country(ies) :AUSTRALIA
Language(s) :ENGLISH
Director(s) :John MCTIERNAN
Writer(s) :Scott REYNOLDS

Market History :Berlin EFM 2010 (Line up), AFM 2009 (Debut)
Production Schedule
Year of production :2010

January 10, 2010 - is reporting that Hayden may have been cast in Arclight Films' "The Chase" being directed by John McTiernan. Hayden would play a precision skilled getaway driver caught between a promise to his sister to stop breaking the law and the corrupt cop who is obsessed with luring him back into the game so he can put him behind bars.

Hayden Christensen rumored in The ChaseThe Chase (Lamboghini movie poster) rumored to be starring Hayden Christensen. The Chase

[Google Translation]
"Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader in the last three Star Wars Film date Hayden Christensen (photo) is currently driving lessons to the needs of The Chase.

Entrusted to the care of John McTiernan that once shone in the action ( Die Hard 1 and 3, Predator) The Chase based on an ace driver who used to pilot test the Lamborghini, enters a break. Which goes wrong and pushed the man to store cars, history also meet a promise to his little sister. But, as of course, his past catches up with him in the person of a cop bent on his destruction, and in its strings, a very lucrative job. Pilot course ...

Hayden Christensen is he through whom The Chase finally takes the road? Previously, when he headlined yet RunThe film has seen Karl Urban and Thomas Jane."

Arclight Films - The Chase

"Expat American getaway driver SCALPEL is the best in the business. A former test driver for Lamborghini, behind the wheel he can slice through the streets with surgical precision, a skill that's tested to the limit when he signs up for a heist that goes awry.

Barely escaping the law following an epic, tire melting pursuit, Scalpel promises his frantic kid sister SAMANTHA that he's retired, much to the chagrin of his arch nemesis, crooked cop RAY who's obsessed with taking him down.

When sexy, mysterious DAISY offers Scalpel a job taking her billionaire father for an illegal but highly lucrative joyride, Scalpel resists the temptation until Ray tries to get to him by terrorizing Samantha. Realizing the only way to escape Ray is to leave town forever, Scalpel accepts Daisy's offer. It's the only way to raise the stake to leave, even though he knows she isn't who she claims to be. In fact, Daisy is working for Ray and the job is a frame up, but running out of choices and time there's only one option left for Scalpel...

To square off with Ray for a showdown on wheels."

January 8, 2010 - New York, I Love You on DVD - New York, I Love You on Facebook announces the release of the movie on DVD next month.

New York, I Love You - Facebook - "Get ready fans - NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU comes to DVD and Blu-Ray February 2nd!"

January 7, 2010 - Vanishing on Seventh Street - Reading Twitter the other day, I came across a tweet saying the official movie site for Hayden's new film 'Vanishing on Seventh Street' would be ready to go soon. I wonder if the website will shed any more light on the movie that is already shrouded in mystery. Very little beyond the synopsis is known about the story and few production and news stills have come from the filming which took place in Detroit in October and November 2009.

Following a mysterious blackout where most of the population vanishes, five people will fight for survival as they discover shadowy figures are the cause of the disappearances.

Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton and John Leguizamo star in Vanishing on Seventh Street

I'm starting to think the actors (Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton and John Leguizamo) actually vanished from the set before too many people even realized they were in town doing a movie. If nothing else, this shows that Brad Anderson is an efficient director but he is also a master of suspense and I have a feeling we will likely continue to be in suspense with trickles of information until the movie comes out later this year. You know, I kind of like it! Kind of....but the waiting is hard to do.

From Twitter

Razordude - Vanishing on 7th street official Movie site is soon ready for launch. Whee! 6:42 AM Jan 5th from TweetDeck - razordude - Tanel Teemusk

Below: Brad Anderson looks pretty much alone on a deserted stretch of I-75 in Detroit during an early morning location shoot for Vanishing on 7th Street. Rumored release date is August 2010. (Picture courtesy Brad Anderson Films.)

Click for larger image
Brad Anderson on the set of Vanishing on 7th Street starring Hayden Christensen

January 7, 2010 - News in Brief - From around the world wide web.

New York, I Love You - January 7, 2010 - Those of you in the Cleveland, Ohio area will have a chance to see Hayden in NYILY.

"Released last year, "New York, I Love You" never made it here for a theatrical run, but it's playing three times this weekend at the Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque. (If it does well, there's a chance Cleveland Cinemas will book the film for the Cedar Lee Theatre, perhaps by February. "Paris, je t'aime" enjoyed a 12-week run there in 2007.)" Source

When: 7:30 p.m. Friday, 9:30 p.m. Saturday, and 8:45 p.m. Sunday.
Where: Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque, 11141 East Blvd. in Univer sity Circle.

Takers on YouTube - January 5, 2010TakersMovie - Facebook announced the official Takers YouTube channel where you can view the trailer and hopefully other goodies coming soon. Takers Movie - YouTube

Jumper 2 in 2012? - January 5, 2010 - has added a listing for Jumper 2 starring Hayden Christensen with an expected date for Jumper 2 as 2012. IMDB has long listed the release date as 2011. It's very likely the movie has been pushed back because Doug Liman is still working on other projects. Hopefully, the listing at Ace Showbiz is a sign that Jumper 2 is still in the works. No other cast has been mentioned so far in connection with the sequel to Jumper other than Hayden. - Jumper 2

January 6, 2010 - New York I Love You Release Dates - While here in the US we wait for the February 2 DVD release of NYILY, two more international release dates have been announced.

MTV Asia - Movie Minute: New York, I Love You
Release Date: January 14, 2010 (Singapore)

In Tribeca, a pickpocket (Hayden Christensen) finds the tables turned when he follows an alluring girl (Rachel Bilson).

New York I Love You invites the audience into the intimate lives of New Yorkers as they grapple with, delight in and search for love, bringing to life the film's host of unforgettable New York characters in an all-star cast that includes Andy Garcia, Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson, Natalie Portman, Irrfan Khan, Emilie Ohana, Orlando Bloom, Christina Ricci, Maggie Q, Ethan Hawke, Anton Yelchin, James Caan, Olivia Thirlby, Blake Lively, Drea de Matteo, Julie Christie, John Hurt, Shia LaBeouf. Source

Google France - New York, I Love You
Release Date: March 17, 2010

(Rough translation)
New York always fascinates filmmakers and it shows with "New York, I Love You", the film with eleven directors. This is a walk in different neighborhoods of the town Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. This city is fascinating, it never sleeps, the skyscrapers, the sights on the street, parks, everything is bigger. A common theme runs through these small films, the quest for love.

This film brings together a very surprisingly exceptional cast: Shia LaBeouf, Natalie Portman, Hayden Christensen, Orlando Bloom, Robin Wright Penn, Bradley Cooper, Christina Ricci, Ethan Hawke, John Hurt, Maggie Q, Andy Garcia, James Caan, Eli Wallach, Drea de MatteoJulie Christie and Shu Qi. Source

New York, I Love You International Release Dates

January 4, 2010 - New York, I Love You on iTunes, Amazon Pre-Order - It's still in limited release in theaters but New York, I Love You is now available to pre-order on iTunes and Many of us haven't had the chance to see Hayden and Rachel in NYILY so it's great that the film will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray on February 2, 2010.

Click for New York, I Love You on iTunes

Click for
Hayden Christensen will 'Steal Your Heart' in New York I Love You on DVDHayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson and Andy Garcia in New York I Love You on Blu-ray

January 2, 2010 - Must-See Apocalyptic Movies of 2010 - Apocalyptic movies have quite a fan following and after last year's trends there are still more upcoming films falling into the category ranging from mysterious ancient battles between good and evil to post apocalyptic disasters. All coming in 2010. Apocalyptic takes a look at some of the recommended and anticipated movies in this category including Vanishing on Seventh [7th] Street starring Hayden Christensen.

Vanishing On 7th Street

"Mysterious entities descend on a city and cause the spontaneous disappearance of most of the inhabitants. A few survivors team up and try to save their asses whilst figuring out what the heck is going on.

Why is this a must-see movie? Well if the plot isn't enough to get you going the film stars Hayden Christensen and the gorgeous Thandie Newton." Must See Apocalyptic Movies of 2010

Release Date: 2010 TBA
Director: Brad Anderson
Cast: Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton, John Leguizamo, Jacob Latimore, Taylor Groothuis
Following a mysterious blackout, most of the population of a once thriving city vanishes into thin air. Five survivors including a reporter (Hayden Christensen) and a nurse (Thandie Newton) converge in a small tavern and try to make sense of the mystery. But when they discover that shadowy figures wandering in the darkness are the cause of the phenomenon a desperate fight for survival begins. Apocalyptic

Hayden Christensen coming soon in Vanishing on Seventh Street

January 1, 2010 - Quantum Quest Official Site Updated - Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey is a 48 minute educational film to be shown in regular theaters and IMAX in February 2010 and will be presented in 3D. The film boasts an all-star voice cast and the official site is now fully operational with loads of new content. Through the website, you can explore and gather information about Cassini's missions to different planets. As part of the educational outreach program, the actors of the film have participated in creating Quantum Quest Ed-clips. A new clip will be added approximately once a week in the time leading up to the film's release.

Hayden is the voice of Jammer a solar wind surfing proton who helps Dave (Chris Pine), a photon of light, who must save his fellow photons from being annihilated by THE VOID (Mark Hamil) and his anti-matter forces lead by Admiral Fear (Samuel L. Jackson), GeneraL Ignorance (Tom Kenny) and Major Moron (Jason Alexander).

"Hayden Christensen: Voice of Jammer"

"Hayden Christensen starred as Anakin Skywalker in the prequels, Star War: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) and Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005). Hayden's notable films include The Virgin Suicides (1999), Trapped in a Purple Haze (2000) and Shattered Glass. In 2009, Hayden starred with Samuel L. Jackson and Diane Lane in the science fiction film Jumper, directed by Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Mr. & Mrs. Smith)."

click to enlarge
Quantum Quest animated 3D with Hayden Christensen as the voice of Jammer

Click for the official site
Quantum Quest animated 3D with Hayden Christensen as the voice of Jammer is not an official site for Hayden Christensen and is a non-profit fan site for entertainment purposes only. We do not know Mr. Christensen personally and we do not have any contact information for him or his representatives.

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