August 31, 2010 - Jimmy Kimmel Repeat with Hayden Christensen - If you missed Hayden's guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple of weeks ago, you can catch it again this Thursday September 2 at 12:05 am ET or Wednesday 11:05 pm CT. (Check your local listings for times in your area.)

Hayden Christensen up next on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

August 31, 2010 - Takers Prequel Being Discussed - Director John Luessenhop talked about it on the red carpet and now T.I. has said in an interview with BET that a Takers prequel has already been talked about.

BET - T.I. Interview - Takers Prequel

BET - I know it's fairly early but do you see anywhere in the future a Takers sequel?

T.I. - I'm a step ahead of you - I just got off the phone with the director, writer, the head of Screen Gems and the label heads over at Sony. We are working not a sequel, but a prequel to tell the back story of the characters.

August 31, 2010 - Genesis Code Not Ready to Go Yet - Genesis Code had a Fall 2010 start date in Spain at one time according to an article about Myriad Pictures taking advantage of the country's film tax credits. At the same time, it was unclear whether Genesis Code would be director David R. Ellis' next project since he also had other films close to going into production. According to Collider, Shark Night 3D begins filming in September with Ellis at the helm so Genesis Code is on hold for now.

August 30, 2010 - Takers Takeover at #1 - The final boxoffice numbers are in and it's official. Takers is the number one movie in America. Hayden Christensen, Idris Elba and Matt Dillon were all trending topics on Yahoo over the the weekend as was Takers on Twitter showing a lot of interest in the film. The numbers show that the movie is worth seeing on the big screen so catch it while you can in theaters now.

August 30, 2010 - Takers Monday Box Office - Sony, Rainforest Films, Will Packer, T.I. and Chris Brown are all tweeting that Takers has taken over # 1 at the boxoffice. After more number crunching the boxoffice estimate has been revised and Takers has edged out the competition. It's still close and Monday isn't over yet so there could still be some adjusting of the totals. Stay tuned. It could be a real shoot-out. The all star cast including Paul Walker, Idris Elba, Hayden Christensen, Matt Dillon, Jay Hernandez, T.I. and Chris Brown drew unexpected results at the box office this weekend for an end of summer movie.

"MONDAY NOON UPDATE: Sony is claiming the victory for Screen Gems' Takers based on revised estimates including numbers from Sunday where The Last Exorcism fell behind, dropping 45% on Sunday to Takers' 32% and that allowed Takers to win the weekend with $20.6 million to Exorcism's $20.4 million. It's still early and one can expect the numbers to be contested with it being so close, but right now, it looks like Takers has indeed kept Lionsgate from having their first-ever third weekend at #1." Source

August 29, 2010 - Takers Weekend Update - Studio estimates that came out early Sunday morning did little to clear up exactly which movie ruled the boxoffice this weekend. Lionsgate's estimates for it's frightener "The Last Exorcism" were $21.3 million for the weekend. The star-studded heist movie Takers with a very popular cast including Idris Elba, Hayden Christensen and Matt Dillon was estimated with a boxoffice take of $21 million for its' 3 day opening weekend which made deciding the number one movie almost too close to call.

The prognosticators and critics were caught off guard by the unexpectedly strong boxoffice performances of both films which had some scrambling and backtracking with excuses for why the two films performed so well on the last weekend of the summer movie season and how they didn't see it coming. Good reason not to always take what the critics say too seriously especially if you're already interested in seeing a movie.

Takers opened in 2,206 theaters each taking in on average $9,519. It also played in 668 fewer theaters than Exorcism which averaged $7,411 for each of it's 2,874 theaters.

So we have a real cliffhanger with The Last Exorcism with a slight edge over Takers. We'll have to stay tuned until tomorrow when actual boxoffice numbers will be revealed. LA Times and Box Office Mojo

August 28, 2010 - Takers Progress Report - The boxoffice numbers are in for Friday and Takers came in second with 7.5 million against The Last Exorcism which came in first for the day with 9.4 million. But.....the weekend isn't over yet and Twitter is teeming with tweets about sold out theaters and showings for Takers today along with glowing recommendations from people who have already seen it. The critics are giving it mixed reviews right now but Takers was, for me, an entertaining movie and good escapist fun for the last hurrah of summer.

I'm sure you all know by now that Hayden plays the piano in Takers and a friend (Marcy) pointed out that you hear the jazz piano before you actually see Hayden on the screen playing. So listen for it when the guys go to Zoe's place so you don't miss any of the sexy and mellow chord progressions.

[EDIT] Just noticed Hayden Christensen and Idris Elba "Trending Now" on Yahoo while checking my email. Also, Takers is trending on Twitter.

Click for larger images
Hayden Christensen plays a little jazz piano in Takers.

Click for larger images.
Hayden Christensen plays a little jazz piano in Takers.

August 27, 2010 - A Date with Takers in Theaters Now - I have a date with a smooth criminal today. How about you? Post your comments after you've seen the movie to the Comment link above.

New comments on Takers

Hayden Christensen wears a cool Christys' Crown Duck Fedora hat in Takers in theaters August 27, 2010.

August 25, 2010 - Takers Atlanta Premiere - Red carpet event at Atlantic Station tonight. Appearances confirmed with T.I. and Paul Walker.

Hayden Christensen in theaters in Takers August 27.

August 24, 2010 - Vanishing on 7th Street Trailer and TIFF Updates - The new trailer doesn't show much that is new except visual and cosmetic improvements but it's good to see it online again along with the featurette that has added Hayden's commentary on the film.

Vanishing on 7th Street - Trailer Screencaps

Vanishing on 7th Street will be a TIFF featured film in the Midnight Madness Program at this year's festival. The schedule is final and the film is on the calendar for September 12, at 11:59 p.m. at the Ryerson Theater with a second screening on Monday September 13, 2:00 p.m. at the AMC 2. (Thanks JforJ)

TIFF also released the official guest list today of actors and filmmakers who are expected to be in attendance this year. At this time Hayden and the rest of the cast are not on the list and only director Brad Anderson is listed as a guest for Vanishing on 7th Street. In reply to my question on Twitter, Colin Geddes (TIFF Staff) said the attending guest list is a work in progress and many more confirmations are coming.

TIFF Guest Announcements

A very interesting synopsis and brief review of Vanishing on 7th Street is on the TIFF site. The movie summary written by Colin Geddes (Midnight Madness Staff) gives good insight into the film:

"Having established himself as a master of cinematic shock and dementia with Session 9 and The Machinist, Brad Anderson continues to produce nerve-wracking cinema. Leaping from a scenario straight out of The Twilight Zone, Anderson strips away the comfort of sunlight and replaces it with haunting existential questions. Using dark, murky tones as his palette, Anderson and cinematographer Uta Briesewitz (Session 9) craft a stark but evocative journey through the most menacing of nights."

"More interested in detailed characters than disposable victims, Anderson brings out a new-found maturity in Hayden Christensen, who portrays a man struggling to hide his own panicked fears and emotions. A dark and challenging film, Vanishing on 7th Street never condescends to the audience and is sure to fuel conversations about loneliness, alienation, basic primal fears and, ultimately, our raison d'etre."

TIFF Vanishing on 7th Street Webpage

August 24, 2010 - BET Takers Premiere Special - Takers Taking Over Hollywood - A behind the scenes look at the upcoming film, 'Takers'; starring Idris Elba; Tip 'T.I.' Harris; Michael Ealy and Chris Brown. BET will air an encore of this Takers special on August 26, 2010 at 12:00 am (midnight). Source

August 23, 2010 - Hayden Fan News Update - I've had personal obligations to attend to in the last week, hence the lack of updates. I wish I could say instead that I was on vacation but I wasn't. I also had some technical issues to tackle. I'll be catching up with news as soon as possible. It's been fun to see all the news pouring in and a new movie with Hayden out in theaters this weekend. I really appreciate all the emails and messages with links and news. MUCH THANKS! So....who's going to see Takers Friday? Saturday? Sunday? How about more than once?

New Image from Vanishing on 7th Street
Hayden Christensen in a confrontation in Vanishing on 7th Street.

August 23, 2010 - Takers Cast Interview from E! - Hayden Christensen, Idris Elba, T.I., Chris Brown, Michael Ealy and Jay Hernandez are interviewed by Ben Lyons in the Lyons Den for E!. Source

August 16, 2010 - Vanishing on 7th Street will Screen at TIFF - The Brad Anderson directed film, Vanishing on 7th Street starring Hayden Christensen, will debut at this years Toronto International Film Festival as part of the Midnight Madness Program. Official announcements today by TIFF included the film which tells the apocalyptic story of a suddenly vanishing world population after a blackout with a handful of survivors struggling to keep the darkness from claiming them.

TIFF Press Release - Midnight Madness, Closing Film, Galas Announced

There is also an updated Vanishing on 7th Street Featurette which includes an interview with Hayden throughout the video sharing his thoughts on his role and what attracted him to work on this film with Brad Anderson.

Vanishing on 7th Street Featurette

Hayden Christensen talks about Vanishing on 7th StreetHayden Christensen talks about getting to work with director Brad Anderson.
Hayden Christensen talks about reading Vanishing on 7th Street script.

August 16, 2010 - Hayden Christensen Takers Interview - Hayden talks about how much fun it was going to work every day and being able to play cops and robbers on the set of Takers.

Over 20 clips from Takers at Movie Jungle - Cast Interviews and behind the scenes clips including many with Hayden.

Click for larger image
Hayden Christensen with Idris Elba behind the scenes from Takers.

Click to go to Hayden's Takers Interview Video
Hayden Christensen with Idris Elba behind the scenes from Takers.

August 16, 2010 - Takers Premiere in Las Vegas Tonight - Tonight's Takers celebration starts with a screening of the film in Town Square at Rave Motion Pictures. Hayden and members of the cast are reported to be appearing for the red carpet event. Premieres have already taken place in Washington DC, Dallas, New York and Chicago with a premiere in Atlanta coming soon.

Takers cast members take to the red carpet at Lagasse's Stadium tonight

"Stars of the new bank heist film Takers from director John Luessenhop are scheduled to hit the red carpet at Lagasse's Stadium in the Palazzo tonight after a screening at Rave Motion Pictures in Town Square and preceding a screening after-party at Lagasse's Stadium."

"Expected to appear on the red carpet are Takers stars Hayden Christensen, T.I., Idris Elba, Michael Ealy and Jay Hernandez. Joining them are Recycled Percussion of American's Got Talent; Holly's World stars Holly Madison, Josh Strickland and Angel Porrino (Madison and Strickland also star in Peepshow in Planet Hollywood, while Porrino is filling in for Madison when she goes on vacation in September); and DJ Cassidy."

August 16, 2010 - Hayden at Takers Premiere in Las Vegas - Hayden Christensen along with T.I., Michael Ealy, Idris Elba, Jay Hernandez and Will Packer are expected to make an appearance at the red carpet premiere and after party for Takers in Las Vegas on Tuesday, August 17.

Sony Pictures Entertainment and The Palazzo Las Vegas Celebrate the Las Vegas Premiere of "Takers"

"Sony Pictures Entertainment and The Palazzo celebrate the Las Vegas premiere of TAKERS, a film that takes you into the world of a notorious group of criminals who continue to baffle police by pulling off perfectly executed bank robberies. The star-studded invitation-only premiere after party will be held inside Lagasse's Stadium at The Palazzo Las Vegas.

Guests will enjoy complimentary hors d'oeuvres and cocktails provided by Remy Martin and Ciroc Vodka while a DJ takes over the turntables and guests mingle with the stars of the film. TAKERS hits theatres August 27.

Expected to attend: Actors from the film, Hayden Christensen, Tip "T.I." Harris, Michael Ealy, Idris Elba, Jay Hernandez; Producer, Will Packer

August 16, 2010 - Takers Videos with Hayden (Update) - A few more links to videos with Hayden on the red carpet and more video clips and TV Spots for Takers.

Hayden Christensen - Takers Red Carpet Videos

Screen Team Media - Hayden red carpet interview.
Hayden Christensen - ET Canada on MSN

Hayden Christensen - Takers Movie Trailers and Video Clips

Black Tree Media - John luessenhop talks about a prequel bringing all the guys back and then a sequel.
Takers Facebook - TV Spot
Takers Facebook - New Trailer
Takers Movie - YouTube Channel - Check to the latest videos

Hayden Christensen interview ET Canada and Takers preview.

August 16, 2010 - Hayden Christensen on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tonight - Don't forget that Hayden will be on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show tonight. The show normally airs 12:06/11:06c but check your local listings to be sure. For example, Jimmy Kimmel Live airs a half hour later where I live so times may vary.

Hayden Christensen guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday, August 16, 2010.

August 15, 2010 - Hayden Christensen TV Updates - The latest tv schedule for Hayden has been updated in the left column. Hayden appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Live with Regis and Kelly and there is also a Takers preview on cable tv on Starz! Studio. Starz! Studio is a weekly tv show on the Starz! channel which previews the latest movies and features interviews, trailers and movie clips.

August 15, 2010 - Takers Media Going Strong - The media for Takers in the next few weeks should be enough to satisfy the biggest fan obsessions. Hayden will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow night (Monday August 16th). Friday, August 20th, Hayden appears on Live with Regis and Kelly. (Check your local listings for exact show times.) Print media, television and online interview videos will also be popping up for awhile.

Thanks to Lois who sent a message saying to check out Juicy Magazine for an article on Takers with more information about Hayden's character AJ. Hayden is called the rebel and the article is about how all the men look for their roles in the movie.

There is also talk in a YouTube interview with Takers director John Luessenhop about a prequel or sequel to the movie. A prequel would bring all the cast back and provide the backstory of how they got to be professional bank robbers and a sequel with this smooth group of criminals seems to be very intriguing idea with audiences.Source: YouTube Blacktreemedia

August 14, 2010 - Takers in Theaters August 27, 2010 - "Takers (R): Although it sounds same-old, this story of a detective (Matt Dillon) trying to bring down a gang of notorious bank robbers (Idris Elba, Paul Walker, T.I., Chris Brown and Hayden Christensen) as they plan their biggest heist is a surprisingly fresh and involving crackerjack crime drama, with strong ensemble performances and some terrific action set pieces." Source

August 11, 2010 - Hayden Christensen and Friends for Reeve Champion Summer Party - Hayden is pictured below with Reeve Champion Committee members and hosts for the summer fundraiser held on August 10, 2010. (Will Reeve, Alexandra Reeve Givens, Francesco Clark, Matthew Reeve, Linda Wells and Hayden Christensen)

Click for Larger Images
Hayden Christensen and Alure Magazine Editor-in-chief Linda Wells at Reeve Champions Summer EventMatthew Reeve, Alexandra Reeve Givens, Hayden Christensen at the Christopher Reeve Foundation
Hayden Christensen with Matthew Reeve for Champions Summer Party charity eventHayden Christensen host for a good cause at the Reeve Champion Summer fundraiser.
Will Reeve, Alexandra Reeve Givens, Francesco Clark, Matthew Reeve, Linda Wells and Hayden Christensen hosts for the Reeve Champion Summer Party.

August 11, 2010 - Hayden Christensen: Host for a Good Cause - Hayden was one of the hosts for the Reeve Champion Summer Party held at the Standard Hotel's Boom Boom Room on Tuesday night. Hayden mingled with guests and was gracious in taking pictures when requested with many of the guests throughout the night. His involvement with the Christopher Reeve Foundation began because of a long-standing friendship with the children of Dana and Christopher Reeve who now run the foundation. Champion's committee members and other hosts for the evening, which raised over $100,000 in donations, included Will Reeve, Matthew Reeve, Alexandra Reeve Givens, Francesco Clark of Clarks Botanicals and Allure magazine editor-in-chief Linda Wells. "The event is part of the Reeve Champions Committee, which is the young person's initiative of the foundation. So we're really trying to raise awareness among a younger group of people, and get people excited and informed about the cause," said Alexandra Reeve Givens. Below are links and snippets from various articles about the event.

Hayden Christensen helps NYC Champions fundraiser (Read more...)

"The Reeve Foundation Champions Committee, joined by Hayden Christensen and Dior Beauty hosted a successful and fun-filled sold-out summer party last night at the Boom Boom Room in New York City. Fashion and fundraising joined forces as Christensen, Allure magazine editor-in-chief Linda Wells, and many more welcomed supporters of the Reeve Foundation."

Reeve Siblings: Thrilled to Have Hayden Christensen's Support (Read more...)

"The children of the late legendary actor Christopher Reeve gathered at The Standard's Boom Boom Room last night for a posh summer fundraising event along with good pal Hayden Christensen...."Hayden is a good friend, so him being here is really spectacular," Alexandra Reeve Givens, daughter of Christopher, told Niteside at the Reeve Foundation event."

"He's actually always been very supportive and he agreed to come. He's followed what we've been doing for a long time. He wanted to just lend his name to the cause." Christensen's appearance at the charity event, which supported the leading organization for people living with paralysis, speaks to his character, Matthew Reeve, son of Christopher, said: "He's been incredibly generous with his time. I mean I've known him for eight years, and I just asked a good friend for a favor."

Super Heroes: Hayden Christensen Hits Reeve Foundation Party

"More than $100,000 was raised for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Tuesday night during the group's first annual summer party, sponsored by Dior Beauty, at the Boom Boom Room. The promise of Hayden Christensen likely helped sell a few tickets based on the number of guests snapping photos of the actor as he mingled amongst co-hosts Alexandra Reeve Givens, Matthew Reeve, Elisa Lipsky-Karasz and Francesco Clark of Clark's Botanicals."

The Boom Boom Room Returns for the Christopher + Dana Reeve Foundation (Read more...)

"Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the chic cocktail soiree was hosted by The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, Dior Beauty (think: glam gift bag) along with actor Hayden Christensen, Linda Wells, Alexandra Reeve Givens, Matthew Reeve, Elisa Lipsky-Karasz and Walking Papers author/Clark's Botanicals founder Francesco Clark. Christensen donned a casual plaid shirt..."

"Clark held court and was overwhelmed by all the good vibes. "I've never felt so much love and support in one place," he gushed. "That room in the sky is beaming from the generosity of such dynamos as Linda Wells, Hayden Christensen, Costello Tagliapietra, Peter Som, and FGI president, Margaret Hayes. Who says fashion and beauty have to be one-dimensional? It makes my heart glow!"

Hayden Christensen and Friends Gather To Lend Support For The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation! (Read more...)

"Hayden [Christensen] attended The Christopher and Dana Foundation and Dior Beauty Reeve Champions Summer Party held in NYC's Boom Boom Room to lend a helping hand to his good friends Alexandra Reeve Givens and Matthew Reeve (children of the late Christopher Reeve) in their efforts to cure spinal cord injuries."

"Hayden was incredibly generous with his time to be here tonight," Matthew said of his friend's involvement with the foundation. But, "there's [also] a strong cast of loyal friends like Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon, and Robin Williams who have been fantastic, and I'm confident they will continue to lend their support."

August 10, 2010 - A Dream Comes True for a Fan in New York - Thanks to Ariel for sharing her fan encounter with Hayden. She got to meet Hayden today in New York as he was arriving at the hotel to get ready for tonight's Christopher Reeve Foundation Champion Summer Party.

"I got to NY super early and ate lunch, then afterwards headed over to the hotel. I went with my mom so we just sat outside of the hotel for a while but it was still really early so after a while we decided to go look around in the shops nearby. We went into one, but when we came out we saw a limo going towards the hotel so we thought it might be him so we followed it, but it just drove right past the hotel. After that I was scared to leave the hotel because I thought I'd miss him or something! So then it started to rain so we waited in the lobby of the hotel. A ton of people were walking in and out and before long, Hayden walked right through the revolving doors! I didn't know what to do when I saw him, I hadn't really come up with a plan or anything and my mind was racing!"

"All I could think to do when I saw him was say his name- "Hayden!" He looked over and I asked if I could take a picture with him and he said sure. He asked my name and I told him. I told my mom earlier I would probably freeze up so she should tell him what I wish I could've said, so she told him how I admire his charity work. He said thank you and asked if we were going to the dinner tonight. We both said no, my mom said "we just stopped by" haha. I said thanks and he picked up his bags, and I felt kinda bad doing this, but then I asked him to sign something for me too. I was like "I'm really sorry" but he didn't seem to mind. He asked how to spell my name and I told him and he wrote:

"To Ariel
Nice to meet you.
All my Best
[and his signature]"

"Considering he wrote so much, I figured he didn't really mind stopping. He could've just scribbled a signature and moved on. He went over to the desk to sign in, and then went outside to smoke. I was still freaking out so I stayed inside for a while. On his way back in, he smiled at me as he walked past me :) And then I left, so... That's about it... Yep. Very, very exciting day :)"

Click for Larger Image
Hayden Christensen with fan Ariel in NYCHayden Christensen and Ariel on August 10, 2010.

August 10, 2010 - Hayden at the Reeve Champion Summer Fundraiser - Hayden met with the rest of the Reeve Foundation's committee members for pictures before the evening's activities at the Standard Hotel. Pictured below with Hayden are Matthew Reeve and Alexandra Reeve Givens. Also hosting with Hayden is Editor-in-Chief of Allure Magazine Linda Wells.

Click for Larger Images
Hayden Christensen Reeve Champions Summer EventHayden Christensen Standard Hotel Charity Event for the Christopher Reeve Foundation
Hayden Christensen casual night out at the Boom Boom Room for charity eventHayden Christensen with Alexandra Reeve Givens and Matthew Reeve

August 10, 2010 - Hayden Hosting Tonights Reeve Foundation Event - Hayden will be hosting the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation's "Reeve Champions Summer fundraiser tonight in New York in the Standard Hotel's Boom Boom room. Other hosts for this evening are Matthew Reeve, Linda Wells, Francesco Clark, Alexandra Reeve Givens and maria Helena Vianna.

August 9, 2010 - Four New Takers Video Clips - The action isn't only in the movie Takers as promotion is going full force with press conferences, cast interviews and the latest video clips coming today fron Sony Pictures. You can see more of Hayden in the new clips. The links below will take you to the videos.

Sony Pictures' Takers tv spots and clips:

Chopper Getaway
Takers - Simple
Takers - Trust
Takers - Money
Click for Larger Image
Hayden Christensen pictured with Takers cast and director John Luessenhop.

August 9, 2010 - Hayden Signing Autographs at Takers Premiere - Hayden greeted the fans lining the street who came out to watch the black carpet event for Takers on August 4th. Hayden patiently made his way along the line of fans, autographing photos and taking pictures as much as time allowed throughout the evening. The links below to videos also show the enthusiasm of the crowd who came out to see Hayden.

Red Carpet Videos - Autographs

Pop Candies TV - Pictures with young fans - (Thanks to Ashla)
Pop Candies TV - One young fan was very happy.
Pop Candies TV
Pop Candies TV
Moviefone Minute - (Thanks to Ashla)
Miley All Videos1 - Signing autographs on the street and from car window.

Hayden Christensen with fans at the Takers Premiere in Los Angeles.

August 9, 2010 - Vanishing on 7th Street debuts at TIFF - The Hollywood Reporter today announced two more films for the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival. Will Ferrell's "Everything Must Go" and "Vanishing on 7th Street" with Hayden Christensen will debut at this years festival which runs from September 9th to the 19th.

THR - Vanishing on 7th Street at TIFF

"Toronto has also set aside a berth for Brad Anderson's apocalyptic thriller "The Vanishing on 7th Street," which stars Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton and John Leguizamo.

"Vanishing on 7th Street," from Herrick Entertainment, was written by Anthony Jaswinski and stars Jacob Latimore and Taylor Groothuis.

Anderson's indie pic and Ferrell's "Everything Must Go" were pre-sale projects at AFM for IM Global."

Click for Larger Image
Hayden Christensen in Vanishing on 7th Street heading to TIFF 2010

August 8, 2010 - Various Videos with Hayden from Takers Premiere - Hayden talks about the look and feel of Takers and what he liked about the movie in the video below. There are videos of the Takers premiere with Hayden on just about every video site online. These are just a few. I'll post more links soon.

In an interview at the premiere of Takers, Hayden said, "I always like a movie where, you know, there's a lot at stake and these guys are going for their ultimate job, the biggest heist of their career. It's a lot of fun."

Red Carpet video links:

Moviefone minute - (Thanks Ashla.)
Hollywood Streams
Black Tree Media
Celebrity Footage
Maximo TV - Hayden with Chris Brown and crew taking pictures together.

Entertainment Tonight - Hayden on the most challenge thing about filming Takers - "Most challenging? I don't know, it was just trying to keep a straight face while I was running around with a gun in my hand. I had a big grin when I wasn't filming."

August 8, 2010 - Hayden at the Arclight - Red carpet pictures of Hayden at the Takers premiere at the Acrlight Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles on August 4, 2010.

Click for Larger Images
Hayden Christensen - Takers Premiere at the ArclightHayden Christensen at Arclight Cinerama Dome Premiere of Takers
Hayden Christensen - smiles for photographers at Takers PremiereHayden Christensen on red carpet for Takers Premiere

August 6, 2010 - Takers Press Junket - Hayden is still in Los Angeles promoting his new movie Takers and according to reports from media on Twitter, has several interviews scheduled this weekend.

Jamaal Finkley - "Really excited about my interviews today with Spike Lee, Chris Brown, T.I, Hayden Christensen, Pamala Grier and more Busy day.... about 10 minutes ago via TweetDeck"

Colby Colb - "Up in early in LA prepping for my interviews today with Idris Elba, TI, Michael Ealy,Chris Brown, Hayden... about 1 hour ago via Facebook"

August 6, 2010 - Takers Jet to Vegas Sweepstakes - Another preimiere for the movie Takers will happen this month and you can enter for a chance to win a trip for 2 to Las Vegas to attend this red carpet Takers movie event. Sweepstakes end August 7, 2010 at 11:59:59 pm PT so hurry and click the link below to go to the official entry form.

Entry Form - Vegas Premiere Sweeptakes

Shiekh Shoes Partners with Sony Pictures' Screen Gems for "Takers" Retail Promotion (Read More...)

PRESS RELEASE - Aug 05, 2010 - Los Angeles, CA (July 27, 2010) - Popular urban contemporary retailer, Shiekh Shoes announced their promotional partnership with Sony Pictures' Screen Gems upcoming theatrical release Takers.

Shiekh Shoes will promote the film through various strategies including the Takers' Jet to Vegas Sweepstakes where a winner will receive a trip for 2 to the Takers movie premiere in Las Vegas (sweepstakes runs July 24th - August 7th and enter by visiting (

August 6, 2010 - Hayden Christensen at Takers Premiere - Hayden made an appearance at the red carpet event for the premiere of his new movie Takers on Wednesday in Los Angeles. Takers stars Idris Elba, Michael Ealy, T.I. Tip Harris and Chris Brown were also in attendance. Takers debuts in theaters August 27, 2010.

Click for Larger Images
Hayden Christensen - Takers Premiere August 4, 2010Hayden Christensen attends the Los Angeles Premiere of Takers
Hayden Christensen - Takers Premiere EventHayden Christensen in L.A. for Takers Premiere

August 5, 2010 - Takers Premiere with Hayden Christensen - Our fan on the scene, Laci, had a dream of a night at the premiere of Takers. The memories are going to last a lifetime because she got to meet Hayden and get his autograph and take a picture with him. Then her phone died and she was unable to get back to me until late last night but she will be sharing her story and pictures with us so check back.

Hayden was "dapper" dressed in a suit for the red carpet event last night at the Arclight Cinema premiere of Takers. He spoke to Ustream and the video is below. I'll be putting ups more news about the premiere so come back later for updates.

Uploaded by WATERBLOCKNYC. - See video of the biggest web video personalities.

August 4, 2010 - Takers Premiere Ustream Update - Baller Status also has Ustream set up on it's site and will repeat the Red Carpet coverage during the screening of the movie.

Baller Status - Takers Premiere

The rep carpet premiere is taking place from Hollywood on Wednesday (August 4) and is streaming live beginning at 7:30 p.m. PST right here. So, bookmark this link, and return at 7:30 p.m. PST to see the Takers premiere, as well as live performances by T.I., Chris Brown and Keri Hilson.

Here's the schedule:
- 6:30 - 8:00pm PST: live streaming from the red carpet
- 8:00pm PST: during screening, we'll re-run the red carpet coverage
- 9:30pm PST: live streaming from the after party
- 10:30pm PST*: live streaming of the musical performances
- Webcast will end around 11:30pm*

August 4, 2010 - Hayden on Live with Regis and Kelly - Hayden will make an appearance on the daytime talk show Regis and Kelly on Friday August 20th. (Thanks to Chelsea for the info.)

August 4, 2010 - Getting Ready for a Hollywood Premiere - Laci sent another picture from the street on Sunset Boulevard. Marathon day for the fans.

Click for Larger Image
Takers Marquee on Sunset Blvd. - Hayden Christensen News

August 4, 2010 - From Hollywood - Our intrepid fans on the scene have posted pictures from the Arclight in Hollywood where they have started getting ready for tonight's premiere of Takers. Thanks Laci!

Click for Larger Images
Takers Red Carpet Event - Hayden Christensen NewsTakers Marquee on Sunset Blvd. - Hayden Christensen News

August 4, 2010 - TAKERS PREMIERE Live Online Today - Takers on Facebook has updated it's page with the UStream page for the premiere tonight which happens today at 6:30 pm PST. Click on the picture below to go to the live stream page.

ALERT - Hayden Fan News will also be updating throughout the evening via Twitter/Haydenfannews. A friend who is going to the premiere today will try to send me news from the event so stay tuned.

Click to go to Takers Live Premiere Event
Takers Premiere Live - Hayden Christensen News

August 3, 2010 - Hayden Hits the Links in Los Angeles - Hayden is in Los Angeles and was out for a round of golf today. He's in town presumably for the premiere of Takers tomorrow which will be streaming live online from Takers on Facebook. It will be interesting to see if everyone in the cast is in town to walk the red carpet for the Hollywood event. (More Photos at: Just Jared)

Click for Extra Large HQ Images
Hayden Christensen out for a round of golf in Los Angeles August 3, 2010.
Hayden Christensen studies his next shot.

August 3, 2010 - Hayden TV Appearances Updated - The TV schedule in the left column has been updated. Life As A House and New York, I Love You are playing on the movie channels this month. Hayden will also appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live this coming Monday, August 16 on ABC (check your local listings).

August 3, 2010 - The Cold Movie filming in Canada Later This Year - Hayden will be home in Canada when cameras start rolling on his latest movie project titled The Cold. Worldview Entertainment posted news about the film in it's Summer 2010 Newsletter announcements. The Spanish co-production is scheduled to begin filming sometime this fall/winter with Spanish director Daniel Calparsoro. Gabriel Liotta has been added to the cast in the role of Charlie Kotz. Hayden will play Sean Kotz in the story about seven friends going out on their annual hunting trip only to find themselves being the hunted. (Thanks to JumpingforJoy on IMDb for the info.)

Worldview Entertainment Summer Newsletter 2010 (PDF)

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Hayden Christensen in a scene from the movie Takers.

August 3, 2010 - Takers Premiere Live from Takers Facebook Tomorrow - Fix your browsers to Takers Facebook tomorrow for the premiere of Takers and a special concert with T.I. and Chris Brown live streaming from the Arclight Cinema in L.A. The announcement from Takers Facebook also has another sneak peak video / tv spot from the movie starring T.I., Idris Elba, Hayden Christensen, Michael Ealy, Chris Brown, Matt Dillon, Jay Hernandez, Paul Walker and Zoe Saldana.

Takers Premiere Announcement - Takers Facebook

"Tune in to the TAKERS Facebook page tomorrow, Wednesday 8/4 at 6:30 pm PST for the TAKERS red carpet LIVE from Hollywood, followed by a live concert featuring performances by T.I., Chris Brown and Keri Hilson. TAKERS - in theaters 8/27"

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Hayden Christensen in a scene from the movie Takers.

August 2, 2010 - Hip Hop Video of the Week - Zambony by K-OS was reviewed by I Like Music for this weeks favorite video. Kevin Brereton's Zambony music video with Hayden making an appearance throughout the video went viral online a couple of weeks ago and has proven to be a popular track from the K-OS album titled "Yes!". Making good use of The Force.

I Like Music - K-OS: Zambony

"We'll get the first fact out the way nice and early. K-OS appears with Hollywood poster boy Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker...) in his new video for Zambony, the opening track to his acclaimed fourth album Yes!, which was released in April 2009. Though we don't get to see K-OS training for Jedi knight do get to see K-OS melt his ragga-root tinged rap across an epic backing of operatic swirl and rich strings, sinking into a gradual build of thick synth."

And from K-OS' Official Website:

"Just last week k-os flicked the switch on his extraordinary new video for Zambony from his current album, YES! Shot by Director X and featuring Hayden Christensen and Tassja Dawn the video has been virally posted and shared across international online music communities. It is available via: fall tour plans for k-os will be announced shortly."

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Hayden Christensen featured in K-OS Zambony music video.

August 1, 2010 - Takers Premiere and Concert Wednesday August 4th - The Takers Movie on Facebook has posted the information about the premiere this Wednesday August 4, streaming live to be followed by a concert with T.I. and Chris Brown. Also T.I. is scheduled to be on Lopez Tonight also on August 4th so tune in case they show a new video clip from the movie with Hayden.

Takers - Tune in on Wednesday

Time: Wednesday - 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Location: Hollywood, CA
More Info: Tune in on Wednesday, August 4th for the TAKERS premiere LIVE from Hollywood, CA followed by a special concert by T.I. and Chris Brown! TAKERS - In Theaters 8/27

T.I. on Lopez Tonight

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