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Hayden Christensen Outcast Interview - Part 2

Sina News Part 2 [General translation from Chinese] - When Hayden first arrived in China in 2012 to announce the new upcoming film Outcast, he had a full beard and very long hair and was ready for his close up as a knight in the period drama set in 12th century China. After some delays, filming finally began in September 2013 having settled on a shorter beard and slightly different hairstyle. He told Sina News he was not satisfied with his try at a full beard and in joking said maybe 10 years from now he might grow a better beard. Hayden and Director Nick Powell decided on a shorter beard. Sina also wanted to know about the romance between Hayden's and Liu Yifei's characters which is part of Outcast's storyline but the passion is held to a PG level and based on innocent, pure love. He was also injured during filming but overall Hayden admitted he has a good feeling about how the film has turned out and felt the cast and crew were talented and professional and would love to work in China again.

Pictured below: Hayden on set in armor and chain mail in Tianjin and Hebei locations. Also: Tove Christensen suits up as a knight for a scene in Tianjin.

Q and A:

SINA Entertainment: This is your first trip to China for a large scale film with mostly Chinese actors. How did it feel working with this team?

Hayden: It feels great, you will have some kind of premonition about the film. I feel very good about this. Director (Nick - Powell) cast the parts well and crew cooperation was also very professional, and I look forward to shoot a movie in China again. I was happy to work together with Liu Yifei. She is very talented. There are kids Bill Su (Sujia Air, "Xinghai" child star, played Yifei's brother). He was 12 years old but the acting is very good.

SINA Entertainment: You play opposite Liu Yifei? What was it like working together?

Hayden: I played the Princess's bodyguard. As the plot develops, love grows and unlike most love stories there is something special in their relationship. She gives a great performance with this romance, and she gave me a lot of insight.

SINA Entertainment: It is said that there are some intimate scenes. Specifically how close?

Hayden: After all, this is a PG (parental guidance suggested for children unaccompanied by their parents) grade movie kiss. There are some expressions in this regard, but no X-rated content. Rest assured.

SINA Entertainment: You had private conversations with her? No language barriers, right?

Hayden: We talked a lot. Her English is very good and we explored a lot of things with the director so everything would be more real. I had a good relationship with the actors off screen and we shared a lot of laughs. It was the same with young Bill who was like my younger brother.

SINA Entertainment: He is so young, how did you two get along? Did you give him candy?

Hayden: Haha, yes, I used candy to lure him! No. He was very outgoing, and very humorous. He is very professional for an actor who is 12 years old and every scene performance lived up to expectations. He was easy to work with.

SINA Entertainment: How did you interpret your own role playing Arken? How did you prepare for the role?

Hayden: Arken's story may be said to be a redemptive journey. NIcholas Cage's character first began to question the singificance of the Crusaders than he found Arken and trys to stay away from war. Arken is on a journey to find inner peace and struggling between right and wrong. He is very contradictory. He struggles with religion, faith and God. For me to play a role before and after he changes is very interesting. I did a lot of homework on who Arken was as a Crusader but during filming I also had a deeper understanding of Arken.

SINA Entertainment: What did you do to physically prepare for the role? Arken should be relatively stronger for it.

Hayden: I learned karate four or five hours a day and also spent a lot of time in the gym to gain some strength because Arken is a warrior, using a heavy sword.

SINA Entertainment: Some handsome or famous actors like role playing with some disfigurement or weight gain. It seems that you don't like to portray this type of image?

Hayden: I did play a role....such as the need to fatten up. On the other hand, I used to lose weight for roles. Actually, I kind of want to play this type but no suitable projects at this time.

SINA Entertainment: What did you most want to do after finishing this movie?

Hayden: My body needed rest. I was hurt making the film. In addition to the shoulder I also hurt my knee. I am looking forward to the Christmas holidays to see my family.

SINA Entertainment: What makes you happy on the farm?

Hayden: Walking in the spring field. I love nature so the dogs and I walked along the countryside or the forest - sometimes with dogs, sometimes with a pig. I also like riding my motorcycle or Benz snowmobile off-road.

SINA Entertainment: This is not a little dangerous? Or just your everyday Canadian activity?

Hayden: I was motocross riding and sprained an ankle but suffered no serious injuries.

SINA Entertainment: over the years, who is your best friend?

Hayden: My brother? He is a producer.

SINA entertainment: actor [friend] ...

Hayden: My last film (American Heist) I was fortunate enough to work with Adrien Brody. I feel he can be considered a good friend. We have a lot in common. He also has a house in the country, doing some farm work.

SINA Entertainment: A while ago when you shot "Outcast", you were injured when you fell off a horse. Has it healed? What was the situation?

Hayden: In fact, quite stupid and embarrassing. I had a scene where the the stand-in was filmed taking a fall and they just needed to film my face. To make the filming realistic I must approach running and hit the ground hard but I am wearing a Crusader Knight costume with chain mail and armor that is heavy. The first try was not good and I hit the shoulder. Three times I hit it and the last time I thought I broke the collarbone but in fact did not. It was a shoulder ligament injury and is now much better.

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Hayden Christensen interview from China. Hayden pictured as Knight Crusader on set.

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Hayden Christensen grabs a cup of coffee on the set of Outcast in Tianjin.Hayden Christensen takes a coffee break on the set of Outcast.

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Hayden Christensen in full armor on horseback on the set of OutcastHayden Christensen on a desert set in Hebei filming a Crusades battle scene in the film Outcast.
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Hayden Christensen's brother Producer Tove Christensen suits up in armor for a scene on Outcast.Producer Tove Christensen gets ready to film a battle scene on the set of Outcast in Tianjin.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Hayden Christensen Fan News

Happy Holidays! Wishing everyone peace and joy this holiday season and the best in the new year. I hope your holidays are filled with happy celebrations with family and friends. Thank you to all the fans who visit and to Hayden who has brought us together as friends. Friendship and kindness are gifts we can always give and receive every day of year.

Hayden Christensen Fan News Latest News and Updates.

Hayden Christensen Outcast Interview - It's a Wrap!

Sina News Part 1 [General translation from Chinese] - Hayden was back in China for awhile this month (December) for reshoots and to finish production on Outcast. The film now goes into post-production and will be released some time in 2014.

Before Hayden left China this time around, he sat down for an interview with the Chinese news media and answered questions about working in China, the farm, best friends and his plans for the future among other things.

The reporter talked to Hayden about his next projects. Still constantly asked about his role as Anakin in Star Wars, Hayden said he loves acting but the Hollywood lifestyle is fast-paced whereas Canadians might do movies at a lesser frequency of about one a year and then take advantage of enjoying the break to do other things. Now that the movie is finished filming he will have time to enjoy family and friends for the holidays.

He has not made a film in four years and took the time to work on his farm in Toronto and take care of the animals. The two mini pigs he got a few years ago are not so small anymore and he realized that "mini" pigs are a myth. He takes a walk in the countryside sometimes bringing the pigs or his dogs. Hayden also likes to work the soil or make things in the workshop he built or do construction around the farm.

Conversation With Hayden Christensen

“LOS ANGELES: What did you do for four years?

Hayden : I'm in the countryside north of Toronto, where I have real estate. It's a bit like a return to the old days of family life. I myself do farm work, construction and built a workshop, a barn, and still repairing a 150-year-old shed. I like architecture and to design things. There is also music. I like to play the piano, jazz, blues and the like. I also began to design clothes, I have my own clothing line in Canada, and now I wear this scarf is one from the collection. Also my brother and I set up a production company, and I also like to travel ......”

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Hayden Christensen interview from China. Outcast wraps filming.

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Hayden Christensen wraps Outcast in China. Interview.Hayden Christensen wraps filming on Outcast in China and talks about going home for the holidays.

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Hayden Christensen interview in China after production wraps on Outcast.Hayden Christensen heads home for the holidays after filming wraps on Outcast.
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Hayden Christensen interview on Outcast, the farm, Hollywood, friends, Paul Walker.Hayden Christensen Outcast interview in China. Hayden remembers Paul Walker.

Hayden Christensen Remembers Paul Walker

December 12, 2013 - [General translation] In a recent interview with Sina News in China, Hayden remembered Paul Walker as a co-star, a friend and a very good person and was very sad about the news of his passing. His time spent with Paul on the set of Takers was a happy experience and remembers spending time with Paul always laughing together. Hayden said the sad news about Paul's death makes him cherish life even more.

Hayden said the whole cast got along very well and Paul was a hard worker on the set, well liked by everyone, from cleaning crew to movie crew to cast and director. Paul Walker's funeral is today in Los Angeles and Hayden hoped to be back in California to pay his respects. Source: Sina Entertainment

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Hayden Christensen remembers Paul Walker and pays his respects.

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