January 2014

Hayden Christensen on China CCTV6 Star Wars Special

Disney and Lucasfilm have been growing in Asia with the recent opening of a post production studio in Singapore and with previous ILM visits to Beijing. George Lucas was escorted by his now familiar and usual squadron of stormtroopers and of course Darth Vader to officially open Lucasfilm's new Singapore headquarters. Lucas couldn't be more proud of their accomplishment saying they couldn't have found a better partner anywhere in the world.

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy was also on hand for the occasion and noted this will be the biggest year ever at Industrial Light and Magic. Source: Hollywood Reporter

George Lucas, Kathleen Kennedy, Matthew Wood, Anthony Daniels and Hayden Christensen were among those on hand doing press and interviews to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a special airing of the prequel trilogy.

A special Star Wars movie event on CCTV6 marked the Chinese Lunar New Year, the year of the horse, and gave fans in china the opportunity to see Star Wars Episodes I, II and III on consecutive nights beginning on February 1, 2014. Special interviews were scheduled to air during the showings including one with Hayden Christensen and Anthony Daniels. Hayden had just finished filming Outcast in China in December and was available for an interview with Joan Chen which aired duing the Star Wars special in February. Source: Netease Entertainment

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Hayden Christensen China CCTV6 interview for Star Wars special.Hayden Christensen interviewed by China CCTV6 for Star Wars movie event.
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Hayden Christensen was interviewed by actress Joan Chen for China's CCTV6 Star Wars special.Hayden Christensen was in China filming Outcast where he also appeared on CCTV6 for a Star Wars movie special.

Star Wars 501st Legion in China meets with Hayden Christensen.

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Hayden Christensen meets with Star Wars 501st Garrison in China.

Some members of Star Wars 501st Garrison in China were given the opportunity to meet with their leader Darth Vader at an event recently sponsored by Phoenix Entertainment. Hayden Christensen had just wrapped filming in China on Outcast and met with 501st members and fans to sign autographs and sit down for an interview on December 10, 2013. The occasion was all the more special to fans as they know that Hayden rarely makes appearances at Star Wars related events. The 501st Legion is a Star Wars fan based costuming organization with units and squads all over the world who regularly make appearances a Star Wars celebrations and do some outstanding volunteer charity work. Hayden of course was asked about his experience working on in the Star Wars movies.

With a new series of Star Wars films in the works, Hayden was asked if he would play a role in the new movies. Hayden says of course if they ask him to come back he will but he said when we last saw Darth Vader he was an old man and he died. He knows there are suggestions that Vader could come back as a force ghost or in flashback but he doesn't think that is what anyone is thinking for the new movies.

Hayden sustained quite a few injuries while filming Outcast saying that his foot might be the only thing that survived without injury. In November Hayden injured his shoulder and had to stop working for a few weeks to let it heal and then went back to finish scenes. He also included a knee injury in what he described as a comedy of injuries during filming but is healing. He was asked if he was injured while filming other movies. Hayden recalled punching the wall in "Life as a House" where he broke some fingers. The shoulder injury during Outcast filming was particularly hard to work around since Hayden was doing a lot of action and sword fighting that required use of his arm.

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Hayden Christensen Star Wars event in China with the 501st Legion.

Lionsgate Infected by Cooties. Hayden Christensen Producer.

As an executive producer of Cooties, it's good news for Hayden Christensen and production company Glacier films that Lionsgate has acquired North American rights to the film that stars Elijah Wood (also a producer) during the Sundance Film Festival. Cooties became a surprise hit at it's midnight showing during Sundance. Elijah Wood and his Spectrevision production company along with Glacier Films' Gevond Andreasyan, Sarik Andreasyan, Tove Christensen and Georgy Malkov all produced from a script by Ian Brennan and Leigh Whannell and was directed by Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion. The deal was negotiated through Paradigm on behalf of the filmmakers. Sources: The Daily Dead and Variety

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Hayden Christensen interview from China. Hayden pictured as Knight Crusader on set.

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