January 2015

Hayden Christensen and Kate Bosworth star in 90 Minutes in Heaven

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Hayden Christensen and Kate Bosworth new movie coming fall 2015.

Hayden is currently in Georgia getting ready to begin filming 90 Minutes in Heaven. He will appear in the role of Don Piper with co-star Kate Bosworth who plays Eva Piper in the true story based on the inspiring novel of the same name which remained on the New York Times Bestseller's list for more than 5 years. Michael Polish directs. The movie's official website is now online and says the movie will be in theaters "Fall 2015". The tagline reads: "What if the end of life was only the beginning?" 90 Minutes in Heaven - Official movie site

Pastor Don Piper announced the upcoming movie on his Facebook page on January 8, 2015.

Hayden Christensen's schedule changes. Atlanta filming soon on 90 Minutes in Heaven.

Hayden was scheduled to be in Moscow today for the Russian premiere of American Heist but due to other committments Hayden was not able to be there. It became doubtful that Hayden would make the premiere when production on '90 Minutes in Heaven' was moved up and Hayden and family were reported driving cross country in an RV motor home presumably to Atlanta where the movie will film.

Adrien Brody and Tove Christensen are appearing at the premiere in Moscow but it is reported that Akon would also not be able to attend. Source It is a special day and event for Hayden, Adrien, the cast and partners at Glacier Films. Congratulations to them on the premiere and the company's first film.

Hayden is used to driving cross country from his Bullrun Rally events but his ride this time is a humongous RV. Not exactly a Ferrari and the pitstops will no doubt include more stops at Starbucks and Cracker Barrel.

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Are On an RV Road Trip! | rachel bilson hayden christensen are driving around in an rv 19 - Photo

Pastor Don Piper's story will be told in the movie '90 Minutes in Heaven' which begins filming soon in Atlanta. Kate Bosworth (SUPERMAN RETURNS) and Hayden Christensen (STAR WARS, JUMPER) star. Michael Polish (TWIN FALLS IDAHO, BIG SUR) directs. Family Christian Entertainment and Emmett Furla Pictures will produce.

Story: "In 1989 Don Piper died in an automobile accident (paramedics had covered him with a tarp) when another pastor at the site prayed over him. Before Piper returned to life, and to a protracted physical recovery, he saw Heaven, met family members, friends, church folks, teachers... even joined the procession as a heavenly choir entered Heaven's gates." Source: PR Newswire

Hayden Christensen to attend the Moscow premiere of American Heist.

Hayden, Akon and Tove Christensen are scheduled to attend the Russian premiere of American Heist in Moscow on January 20. According to LFcity.ru. Hayden and Akon will present the movie to the Moscow audience at a special premiere along with Glacier Film partners and producers, Director Sarik Andreasyan and Ghevond Andreasyan.

American Heist will open in theaters in Russia on January 22.

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Hayden Christensen, brother Tove and new international partners for Glacier Films and the Russian Pavilion, May 20, 2013, Cannes, France.
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Hayden Christensen, Akon, Jordana Brewster in American Heist in Russian Theaters January 22, 2015.

Outcast with Hayden Christensen and Nicolas Cage coming soon to theaters, VOD and DVD.

According to Coming Soon.net and other movie sites, Outcast is due to be released February 6 in theaters and on VOD (Video on Demand). I'm guessing it will be a limited release to theaters like Vanishing on 7th Street so look for it in your local theater in the larger metro areas of the US. Let me know if you see posters up the your movie theater.

Outcast DVD and Blu-ray is also available for pre-order on Amazon for March 31, 2015.

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Outcast DVD and Blu-ray available for pre-order on Amazon

Hayden Christensen new Outcast Trailer from eOne Entertainment.

USA Today's Entertain This posted a different Outcast Trailer along with an article. Outcast starring Hayden Christensen and Nicolas Cage is due for a US release February 26.

New Year, New Movie for Hayden Christensen...90 Minutes in Heaven.

It's a done deal. Hayden Christensen's next project will be the faith based film 90 Minutes in Heaven based on the true events of Pastor Don Piper who by all accounts was pronounced dead at the scene of a gruesome car crash and tells how he visited heaven and his long recovery afterwards. Kate Bosworth also stars as Michael Polish directs with Family Christian Entertainment and Emmett Furla Oasis Films producing. Deadline Hollywood posted exclusive details today.

Kate Bosworth posted about the new movie on Instagram December 18 and Hayden was pictured earlier last month holding the script in his hands for a lunch meeting with Director Michael Polish. (Thanks to Anita for recognizing Mr. Polish in photos with Hayden.)

Don Piper, a Baptist minister, recounts his story in the book of the same name which has sold 7 million copies and translated into 46 languages since it's first release 10 years ago. It has been on the New York Times Best Seller list for more than five years and will now be adapted into a feature film. Along with the book "Heaven is for Real" "90 Minutes in Heaven" is one of the most popular books on the subject of people who believe they have experienced death and heaven. Various videos of his personal testimony are available on YouTube and online.

In recent years, Hollywood has acknowledged the need and value for more faith based films for a growing audience of the genre. Small films and epics alike have found homes with major studios like this years "Heaven is for Real", "God's Not Dead" and major films like "Noah" and "Exodus".

The Story:

Pastor Don Piper was traveling a lonely stretch of Texas highway on his way back from a Christian conference when he was hit head on by an eighteen wheeler and killed instantly. The steering wheel impaled his chest and the roof of his Ford Escort was completely smashed in on his head and the car crushed against the railing of a bridge. He was extracted from the car and immediately pronounced dead at the scene. Paramedics laid his body on the road and covered him with a tarp. Another pastor returning from the same conference came upon the scene and felt strongly that he should be with Don and pray for him. After 90 minutes of continued prayer Don did awake to hear his friend singing a hymn and Don began to sing with him.

While the book recounts Don's time in Heaven it also tells the story of his 13 month recovery that included 34 surgeries and a spiritual awakening that helped him to overcome the pain and continue his calling as a minister, husband and father. Don continues to tell his inspiring story at conferences and meetings across the US and around the world. 90 Minutes in Heaven begins filming in Atlanta, Georgia on January 26, 2015.