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Outcast HD trailer screencaps with Hayden Christensen and Nicolas Cage.

Visit the gallery for the Outcast trailer screencaps (part one) featuring Hayden, Nicolas Cage, Liu Yifei, Bill Su and Andy On and some great action, sweet romance and epic scenery.

Videos, set pics and movie stills will make the waiting time a little more bearable until Outcast is released in September and October this year. So get your photoshop geek on and enjoy making your own fan made creations with the latest screencaps from the Outcast trailer and lets see them on Twitter and Tumblr. Outcast trailer screencaps (part two) coming soon. Part 1 - Sales Trailer Screencaps

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Hayden Christensen as warrior Arken in Outcast trailer.

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Nicolas Cage as Crusader Gallain in Outcast trailer.

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Hayden Christensen as a Knight of the Crusades in Outcast trailer.

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Hayden Christensen as a Knight of the Crusades in Outcast trailer.

VIDEO: Outcast fight scene with Hayden Christensen and Andy On.

Take a look a two behind the scenes videos of Nick Powell directing Hayden and Andy On in one of Outcasts many fight scenes. Hayden spent a couple of months in China before filming started to train for his role of Arken a knight who follows the Silk Road to China. The scene shows Arken [Hayden Christensen] and Shing [Andy On] in an intense sword fight while Prince Zhou [Bill Su] and his sister Lian [Crystal "Xi Xi" Yifei] watch. It looks like Hayden's hard work and training paid off. It looks like Outcast will be full of amazing sword work and action sequences. Source: Youku Videos: Outcast Fight Scene 1 and Youku: Outcast Fight Scene 2 (Thanks to Crysania for the links.)

OutcastTrailer with Hayden Christensen and Nicolas Cage.

Our wish has finally been granted to see a video preview of Outcast. This is a promotional trailer for Outcast used for marketing the movie to distributors so it's still just a teaser but a good quality video. Source: Lore d'Morrow Entertainment

The video has been removed from Youtube but you can still watch it at Lore d'Morrow Entertainment.

Outcast Sales Trailer

Hayden Christensen featured in Outcast Press Conference Trailer

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Outcast trailers recorded by audience members from Outcast press conference in Shanghai have popped up online. I posted the first one from Youku a few days ago. Check for it below. It looks like most of the world will have to wait to see the actual movie preview but until then this will have to do. The quality isn't that great but you can check out the screencaps in the gallery.

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The other trailer is a longer preview with more of Hayden and Nicolas Cage seen during the Crusades. You can view it below. The trailer starts at 2:22 on the counter. You can view the trailer at Kankanews.com

Shanghai Film Festival: Outcast Press Conference


Outcast was represented both at the opening ceremony and in a press conference during the Shanghai International Film Festival. As mentioned previously, Andy Ong, Liu Yifei and Jike Junyi spoke before the gathered crowd who was also shown a preview of Outcast on a large screen. Hayden and Nicolas Cage were also featured in the video, a story of two knights of the Crusades who travel the Silk Road to China to escape war but find themselves protecting a prince and princess from their evil brother.

It was also announced at the news conference that Outcast has been officially entered into the national calendar of film releases for September 26, 2014. That means that Outcast will be released in 3D in China first in September and internationally at a later date to be determined. Earlier this year at the Beijing Film Festival, producer Jeremy Bolt said they hoped to set the other release date for some time in October.


The press conference took place in an elaborately presented meeting room where a screen took up the entire wall behind the stage with a large image depicting Outcast scenes and pictures of all the cast. Sets contructed on either side of the stage included a church and a Moorish Fortress representing the Crusades. A Chinese palace was constructed for center stage to surround the large screen.

More pictures in the gallery

Hayden Christensen practices righting a sailboat in Barbados.

TMZ had a bit of fun with some pics of Hayden seemingly turning over and falling out of a sailboat while on vacation in Barbados. I hate to mess up anyone's punchline but I've been reading too many comments about people wondering if Hayden got hurt or had trouble in the water or failed miserably at sailing and now I'm seeing it in the foreign press too.

If you look closely at the photo, you can see hands on the sail (close to the boat) pulling it down into the water. Hayden has been learning to sail while in Barbados and he was practicing righting the boat with an instructor or friend. That person pulled the boat over while Hayden went into the water and easily righted the boat himself, climbed back in and continued sailing in short order. No fail involved. He didn't even lose his sunglasses. No Jedi were injured in the making of another fun day at the beach.

Hayden Christensen featured in Outcast video clip.

Yunnan Film Group held a press conference yesterday (June 15th China time zone) for Outcast in conjuntion with the Shanghai Film Festival. Stars Liu Yifei, Summer Jikeyunyi and Andy On were on hand to answer questions and help with an audience contest sponsored by Ali Digital Entertainment. Lucky guests won a fan tour of movie sets and locations for Outcast and will experience the whole process of making the film.

The press conference was covered by live chat on Weibo where moderators and special guests posted pictures and what was going on and being said. A video clip of the movie was also shown, much like the one at the Beijing Film Festival but there's more of Hayden in this one. While, I followed the chat very closely, there was no way to see the video clip in chat. I am very grateful to Crysania from Hayden C China for posting the link to Crystal's video of the trailer on Youku Enjoy the clip below. If the video doesn't work for you, you can also watch it here

Outcast red carpet cast missing Hayden Christensen.

Cast members Crystal Yifei, Summer Jikejunyi, Andy On and Producer Alan Zhang walked the red carpet for Outcast during opening Ceremonies of the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival. There's no other information yet, but it seems Hayden did not appear for the red carpet presentation.

Also, Yunnan Film Group has announced a news conference with live blogging scheduled for Sunday June 15th at 12:00 midday and is teasing a surprise during the event. You can follow live on Weibo's Outcast Live Blog Below: a picture of Hayden with Liu Yifei at the Beijing International Film Festival (April 16, 2014).

Outcast crew in Shanghai
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Hayden and Liu Yifei, Beijing

Hayden Christensen's upcoming Outcast opens to investors in China.

Outcast was opened today for investors in China. Alibaba Entertainment announced the opening of investment for the "Dead Escape" the Chinese title for the film which will be known as Outcast in other releases. There was also a new poster. Source: Taobao

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Hayden Christensen in Outcast set to release September 26.

According to news and entertainment reports on Weibo and in Chinese news media Outcast will be released September 26, 2014 [9-26-2014]. It was earlier reported that Outcast would be released in September and October of this year in both the US and China. I'm assuming that the September release is for China. There is also a name change for the Chinese version of the film. Previously titled "The Last War" it will now be known as "Dead Escape" or "Desperate Escape". The translation is a little tricky so I'm not positive. Officials for the movie felt that the story, though epic in scale, needed to focus less on a "war" theme and more on the action and romance which better represents the cultural aspects of the film. New Outcast stills and posters below. Sources: Ali Entertainment Weibo, Entertainment Tencent

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Hayden Christensen will be attending the Shanghai Film Festival

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Actor and Producer Hayden Christensen at the opening ceremonies for the Beijing Film Festival, April 16, 2014.

Hayden will walk the opening night red carpet of the 17th Shanghai Film Festival on June 14th. The guest list was announced today for the annual international festival which traditionally draws celebrities and talent from around the world each year and a growing number of films in competition for the Golden Goblet Award. This year's festival expects to see a large number of internationally known actors and celebrities attending the festival between June 14 and June 22. Sources: The Hollywood Reporter , Variety , Crienglish.com

Hayden attended the Beijing International Film Festival in April 2014 and was also invited to participate in the opening ceremonies and to walk the red carpet and greet enthusiastic crowds of fans with Liu Yifei, Andy On, Bill Su, Coco Wang, the Yunnan producers of Outcast, along with director Nick Powell and producer Jeremy Bolt. Nicolas Cage also co-stars in the historical drama to be release this September and October. The day before opening ceremonies in Beijing a sequel to Outcast was also announced at the Foreign Films Forum.

Shanghai Film Festival Press Release

“...The Organizing Committee has announced that Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, Hayden Christensen, Rain, Song Seung Heon and Park Shin Hye will grace the red carpet at the opening ceremony (June 14)....

...Hayden Christensen, who played Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars, will attend to support his new film Outcast. The movie is a China-US co-production co-starring China's Liu Yifei and Andy On...”

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Actor and Producer Hayden Christensen waves to an enthusiastic crowd during opening ceremonies at the Beijing Film Festival, April 16, 2014.

Hayden Christensen enjoying a sunny Barbados vacation.

Hayden and Rachel were joined by Hayden's sister for a day at the beach on May 30th in Barbados where they went sailing.

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