October 2014

Russian trailer for American Heist with Hayden Christensen, Adrien Brody.

The first full trailer for American Heist has been released in Russian on Kinopoisk.ru Thanks to Lilith of Amazing Hayden Russia for posting a link. Screencaps have been added to the gallery.

American Heist with Hayden Christensen, Adrien Brody, Jordana Brewster, Akon and Tory Kittles will have it's Russian premiere January 22, 2015.

American Heist was also supposed to debut in the US at the New Orleans Film Festival on October 22, 2014 but the festival site is showing the screening as cancelled. No further information is available.

Update: I received a reply from the New Orleans Film Society on Facebook today. While the ticket cart was still active on American Heist, the movie has indeed be cancelled and replaced in the program and the site was being updated today to reflect the changes.

American Heist Trailer 1 Screencaps Gallery



Hayden Christensen in the October 2014 issue of Esquire China

Thanks to Crysania from Hayden-C China for sending Esquire (China) Magazine scans with Hayden which I cropped, edited and added to the gallery late last night. Phew! There is a rather long article and I will post the translation soon. For now enjoy the scans.

Hayden Christensen Esquire Magazine China Gallery


Hayden Christensen Outcast Beijing Premiere

The China press junket for Hayden's latest movie Outcast started off with a bang in Bejing on September 22.  Red carpet appearances with the cast and the traditional egg breaking ceremony at the end signaled the start of some very exciting promotion to take place in some of China's most beautiful cities.  Hayden was in attendance for the week with appearances and Outcast screenings in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and finally in Shanghai the day before Outcast was due to be released in theaters nationwide on September 26.  Unfortunately, what started off with a bang seemed to end in a wimper and a lot of disappointment for fans who were told that Outcast would be postponed with no further explanation. Arclight Films was also totally caught off guard and was scrambling to find out the reason and if things could be righted.

Outcast is not the first international movie to be postponed in China and certain theories immediately began to make the rounds of media here and abroad. Outcast was to be released during a national holiday season where blockbusters are normally released.  Probably similar to films being released around the 4th fo July or Memorial Day in the US. Typically, Chinese films are released at this time and given priority over foreign releases but Outcast is not quite a foreign film production.  It is a China, Canadian, French co-production and was filmed in China with a Chinese storyline.

The next theory is that the movie did not pass censor requirements probably for violence and will have to be edited before released.  Django Unchained had that problem and was finally released a month after first scheduled.  There is another boxoffice season starting between November and December in China and there are a lot of highly anticipated Chinese films being scheduled for release then too so we'll have to see if Outcast fits into the schedule.

We hopefully still have a US release date to look forward to.  I love Chinese costume dramas and I love series like Game of Thrones so I think this is something I really want to see.  I hope the fans worldwide get a chance to see Outcast. Meanwhile enjoy the latest updated Outcast Press Junket albums which I'll probably be updating forever.  No shortage of pics from China sources. LOL


Outcast Beijing Press Screening

Outcast Movie Stills with Hayden Christensen

Outcast Movie Stills Album has been updated with new hq images.

Outcast Movies Stills Album