September 2014

Hayden Christensen and Akon talk about American Heist

The film clip below is part of a longer video you can find on where Hayden and Akon have a hard time keeping a straight face while telling a story about Akon's first day of filming on American Heist. (Thanks Rosie for the heads up.)

Hayden Christensen latest news on Outcast premiere in China

You're invited to follow Hayden Christensen Fan News on Facebook and Twitter for the very latest updates on Hayden's visit to China for the world premiere and release of Outcast.

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Hayden Christensen in Beijing for Outcast press events and premiere

Hayden along with director Nick Powell, Liu Yifei, Summer Jikejunyi, Andy On and Bill Su were on hand for ceremonies to start press events ahead of the premiere of Outcast in Beijing. The media is enthusiastic about the movie, calling it China's biggest co-production so far. The movie is ranked high on most movie sites in China as well and there seems to be a lot of anticipation. The press conference is currently running a repeat of the live stream of the press event here on Youku. and I've added first photos to the gallery with more to come.

There are a lot of helpers looking out for news to the east and I want to thank Maria (Summer Jikejunyi on Facebook), Meyree, Marcy, Rosie, Karen, Lilith and others for keeping eyes and ears open so we won't be deprived of news.

Outcast Beijing Album (small)



Here is a new extended behind the scenes video

Hayden Christensen TIFF 2014 Photoshoot

Hayden Christensen's official TIFF 2014 photoshoot has been added to the TIFF Appearances Gallery.

Hayden Christensen TIFF 2014 American Heist Hayden Christensen TIFF 2014 American Heist Hayden Christensen TIFF 2014 American Heist Hayden Christensen TIFF 2014 American Heist Hayden Christensen TIFF 2014 American Heist Hayden Christensen TIFF 2014 American Heist

Hayden Christensen Outcast Videos Playlist

Thanks to Summer Jikejunyi on Facebook for sending a link to her Youtube playlist with new Outcast behind the scenes videos. Outcast will premiere in China next week, September 26. Two movie premieres for Hayden in one month! Enjoy the Outcast playlist below.

Distribution for Hayden Christensen's American Heist acquired by Saban Films.

Bill Bromiley's Saban Films had it's eye on American Heist from the start of the Toronto Film Festival. The day after the premiere, Saban Films made a deal for US distribution rights. The Glacier Films crime drama sale was handled through Paradigm and Voltage Pictures. Producers JoJo Ryder, Michael Wexler along with stars Hayden Christensen and Akon and director Sarik Andreasyan were on hand to celebrate the film during it's red carpet premiere and after party in Toronto. Glacier Films' Vladimir Poliakov with Tove Christensen were just at Cannes to announce a $100 million fund to gear up a production slate.

Toronto: Saban Buys Hayden Christensen's "American Heist"

“"We were eager to see "American Heist" coming into Toronto and the film lived up to our expectations," said Saban Films president Bill Bromiley. "It's just the type of commercial, talent-driven film we are looking for at Saban."”

Hayden Christensen talks about American Heist at ET's TIFF Central.

Hayden dropped by ET Canada's TIFF Central with Akon on September 11th to talk about their latest movie American Heist. ET Canada's videos are Geoblocked so we only have a short video of the interview but there is also a brief article with photos posted below. More pictures in the TIFF Gallery.

Hayden Christensen visits ET Canada during TIFF 2014 before the premiere of American Heist.
ET Canada Tiff Central

“On Thursday, Vancouver-native and American Heist star Hayden Christensen talked about his chemistry with Adrian Brody during his visit to the lounge.

"You know it was just a lot of time spent together and trying to organically develop that relationship, and we really did become friends," he shared.

Speaking of organic relationships, Christensen and fiance Rachel Bilson are weeks away from welcoming their first child. The actor opened up about the new family member to ET Canada and gushed about this upcoming new phase of his life. "I'm very excited. We're both very excited, Rachel and I, so it's a happy time," he said.”

Hayden Christensen and Akon visit ET Canada's TIFF Lounge before their American Heist Premiere at the festival.
Hayden Christensen And Akon

“ "American Heist" stars, Hayden Christensen and Akon, visit ET Canada Festival Central to chat about their new TIFF crime thriller, which also stars Adrien Brody. ”

Hayden Christensen Blushes: Akon makes his "American Heist" co-star Hayden Christensen blush when the conversation turns to baby talk. Hayen is expecting his first child with Rachel Bilson.

Hayden Christensen arrives and signs autographs for the American Heist Premiere at TIFF.

Hayden signed autographs for fans outside the Princess of Wales Theater just after arriving with his family for the premiere of American Heist at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 11th. One article reported a "crush of fans" as Hayden stepped out of his car and seemed slightly overwhelmed at the sight. The Brampton Guardian added it was one of the biggest reactions from a crowd of fans at a movie premiere during the festival. It was clearly a hometown welcome for the Toronto native and international fan favorite.

Hayden, Akon, director Sarik Andreasyan with producers Tove Christensen, JoJo Ryder and MIchael Wexler posed for pictures on the American Heist red carpet before going into the theater to introduce the film.


TIFF 2014 American Heist Premiere




Hayden Christensen Departs LAX to attend American Heist Premiere at TIFF.


Hayden flew out of LAX on Tuesday to attend the Toronto International Film Festival where his latest film will premiere tonight (9/11/2014) at the Princess of Wales Theater at 7:00 p.m. An after party for cast, crew and guests will take place at Cube Nightclub and sponsored by Citizen. More pictures in the "New" Gallery