May 31, 2013 - Hayden Christensen adds producer's hat and starring role in Inner Circle. - We all know Hayden has good taste in hats and is rarely seen out and about without one. His latest hat however is a career choice that expands his resume. With the founding of his new film company Glacier Films with his partners Tove Christensen and new friends from Russia, Hayden will be taking on more producer's duties with a new slate of films set to go into production soon.

Hayden has already begun pre-production in New Orleans as the star in American Heist, a Glacier Films production, which will start shooting June 18th. Later this year Hayden will star in and produce "Inner Circle", a production of Glacier Films, Heartland Entertainment and Original Entertainment.

The Cannes announced project will film in Europe and will be directed by Mohit Ramchandani. Leonard Hartman scripted the story of a CIA analyst, who while looking for answers about the disappearance of his father, a Cold War spy, is sucked into a web of murder and intrigue by a secretive organization inside the government. Source: Variety

Glacier Films current slate also includes the micro-budgeted horror film "Lady of Csejte" which Hayden will also produce. "Based on a story of Countess Bathory, a serial killer in 16th century Transylvania who supposedly killed hundreds of children." Both "Inner Circle" and "Lady of Csejte" have been added to Hayden's resume on IMDb Pro.

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Cannes - Hayden Christensen puts on producer's hat for movie Inner Circle.

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Cannes - Hayden Christensen to add producer's duties with new film company Glacier Films.

May 27, 2013 - PRESS RELEASE: Hayden Christensen joins Russian producers to present new Russian projects to international co-producers. - [May 20, 2013 Cannes Russian Pavilion] Canadian actor Hayden Christensen (Jumper) joined producers Vladimir Polyakov, Georgy Malkov and Tove Christensen, and director Sarik Andreasyan, in the Russian Film Pavilion today to present a slate of international and Russian co-productions between Enjoy Movies and Renovatio Entertainment, introduced by Catherine Mtsitouridze of ROSKINO....

The new slate of films from Enjoy Movies & Renovatio include the first Russian-American-Canadian co-production, American Heist, presented in the Russian Film Pavilion. To be directed by Sarik Andreasyan and produced by Vladimir Polyakov, Georgy Malkov, Andreasyan Brothers and Tove Christensen, the film will star Hayden Christensen in the lead role. The legendary rapper Akon has also been cast.

Hayden Christensen, said: "I would like to emphasize that the "American Heist" is not Russian! It's truly a Hollywood movie in co-production with Russian guys from Enjoy Movies and Renovatio Entertainment. We have a great team of professionals, and I look forward to the start of shooting period". Source: Film Festival News

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Hayden Christensen at the Russian Pavilion press conference at 2013 Cannes Film Festival.Hayden Christensen speaks to Russian film producers at Russian Pavilion Cannes, May 20, 2-13

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Hayden Christensen, Tove Christensen, Sarik Adreasyan and Gehvond Andreasyan, Russian Pavilion, 2013 Cannes.Hayden Christensen, brother Tove and new international partners for Glacier Films and the Russian Pavilion, May 20, 2013, Cannes, France.

May 27, 2013 - VIDEO: Hayden Christensen and Tove Christensen attend press conference at the Russian Pavilion in Cannes. - Russian movies with international distribution were the topic for Russian film producers at the 66th annual Cannes Film Festival. Hayden and Tove spoke during the press conference and were both interviewed outside the Russian Pavilion at Cannes and spoke about their upcoming Russian, American, Canadian co-production "American Heist". Russian director Sarik Andreasyan is to direct the crime drama. You will find the press conference with Hayden and Tove at 3:25 on the counter.

Events at the Cannes Film Festival - [Google Translate] At the press conference of the Russian pavilion at Cannes announced the launch of six features, focused on international distribution. The greatest interest was the Russian-Canadian project "Robbing the American." The director of the criminal action thriller is Sarik Andreasyan. The main role in the movie will be performed by "Star Wars" and "Escape" actor Hayden Christensen. Filming will begin this summer in New Orleans. Hayden Christensen and his brother Tove also act as the film's producers.

Hayden Christensen, actor: "I went to Moscow for the first time about four or five months ago and absolutely loved it. The traffic was less than desirable (laughing) but the people were so friendly and our friends in this partnership are just great people. So I'm being exposed to the good side of Russian culture. "

Tove Christensen, Producer: "This is a remake of the 1959 movie" Big Bank Robbery in St. Louis, "starring Steve McQueen. Film is based on real events that took place in St. Louis, when the two brothers were involved in a big bank robbery. This is a criminal drama. "

May 27, 2013 - VIDEO: Hayden Christensen Interviewed by Life News in Cannes - Hayden speaks a little about possibly filming a movie in Russia one day. The video report also mentions that Akon has been cast in American Heist which stars Hayden in a true life robbery drama.

May 25, 2013 - American Heist starrting Hayden Christensen in Pre-Production - As announced during the 2013 Cannes International Film Festival, American Heist is now in pre-production and is the first Russian, Canadian, American co-production. Production meetings were held in Cannes and the movie is now listed at IMDb. Rapper Akon has also been cast for the film. American Heist to be directed by Sarik Andreasyan and produced by Vladimir Polyakov, Georgy Malkov, Andreasyan brothers and Tove Christensen, begins shooting in New Orleans June 18th.

Links for American Heist

IMDb American Heist
Film New Orleans - Current Productions

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Tove Christensen and in production meeting in Cannes maybe for American Heist starring Hayden Christensen filming June 18, 2013.

May 24, 2013 - Hayden Christensen Welcomes Party Guests for Glacier Films Launch in Cannes - Hayden was host to new partners and old friends for the debut of his new film production company during the Cannes International Film Festival on May 19 on the Yacht Harle. Among the guests were Rachel Bilson, Lin Peng and Adam Beach. More photos in the album.

Glacier Films Launch Cannes - Photo Album

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Hayden Christensen and brother Tove and Sarik and Gevond Andreasyan partner together for Glacier Films.Hayden Christensen and Tove Christensen greet guests for Glacier Films launch in Cannes.

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Hayden Christensen says hello to old friend Adam Beach at the launch of Glacier Films in Cannes.Lin Peng, Christina Andhel and Rachel Bilson attend the Glacier Films launch party hosted by Hayden Christensen and Michael Saylor aboard the Yacht Harle on May 19, 2013 in Cannes, France.

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Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson chat with Nicholas Frankl at the launch of Glacier Films in Cannes.

May 24, 2013 - Hayden Christensen hosts Official Launch Party for Glacier Films - The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival was the backdrop for the official launch of Hayden and Tove Christensen's new production Company Glacier Films. Hayden hosted the event with Michael Saylor aboard his Yacht Harle on Sunday evening, May 19th with everyone partying late into the night. The launch was attended by new partners and old friends.

Luxor CEO "JC" Jean-Christophe Rousseau and Nicholas Frankl of My Yacht Events presented Hayden and Tove with a large Jeroboam engraved with their names to celebrate their company's debut. Also celebrating Glacier Films were partners Sarik Andreasyan and Gevond Andreasyan.

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Hayden Christensen and brother Tove are presented a sparkling Jeroboam engraved with their names at the Glacier Films Launch party in Cannes.Hayden Christensen celebrates the debut of Glacier Films in Cannes on Yacht Harle.

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Jean-Christophe Rousseau makes a gold Jeroboam presentation to Hayden Christensen at the launch party for Glacier Films.Hayden Christensen, Tove Christensen, Jean-Christophe Rousseau and Nicholas Frankl at the Glacier Films launch in Cannes.

May 23, 2013 - Hayden Christensen and Glacier Films announce second film - Cannes - "Inner Circle" starring Hayden Christensen and announced at Cannes this past week will film in Europe at the end of the year. ALSO - Production meetings and locations in New Orleans gearing up for American Heist which begins principal photography June 18th.

NOTE - I am just getting my computer and internet back after almost a month of it not working right and finally got the right person to straighten things out. My last update was made from a friends computer so please be patient as I catch up on news. Come back tomorrow for a full report on Hayden's launch of the new production company Glacier Films complete with pics and all the movie details and who was at the yacht party. Also stay tuned for a new comments page so you can comment on the latest news about Hayden.

May 17, 2013 - Hayden Christensen hosting Glacier Films yacht party in Cannes - An exclusive official launch party for Glacier Films will be held Sunday during the Cannes Film Festival. Hosted by Hayden Christensen, the party celebrates the launch of his new film production company with partners Tove Christensen, Sarik Andreasyan, Gevond Andreasyan and Georgy Malkov. Sources: My Yacht Cannes

About Glacier Films - Glacier Films is a full service film production and finance company with offices in Los Angeles, Toronto, and Moscow. Check out Twitter, Facebook page, and IMDB profile for more information! Full website goes live July 1st.

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Hayden Christensen hosts launch party in Cannes for Glacier Films.

Glacier Films Twitter
Glacier Films Facebook

May 17, 2013 - Hayden Christensen launching new film production company in Cannes - Announced at Cannes this past Thursday, brothers Hayden Christensen and Tove Christensen have officially introduced Glacier Films with partners from Russia. The new film company plans to make six films budgeted at $10 million and five movies micro-budgeted at $1.5 million over the next 3 years. Others joining the venture are Sarik Andreasyan, Gevond Andreasyan, Georgy Malkov.

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Hayden Christensen and brother Tove Christensen launch new film production company in Cannes 2013.

The first production for the new company will be "American Heist" starring Hayden Christensen in the remake of the Steve McQueen 1959 true life drama "The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery". Filming begins in New Orleans June 16th. Taking on producer's duties will be Tove Christensen, Gevond Andreasyan, Georgy Malkov and Vladimir Poliakov. Paradigm is the sales rep at Cannes for American Heist.

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Hayden Christensen stars in the upcoming American Heist.Hayden Christensen takes the lead in American Heist a remake of the Steve McQeen drama Great St. Louis Bank Robbery.

The first micro-budgeted title to film will be a historical horror fantasy about Elizabeth Bathory, known as the Blood Countess, who allegedly killed hundreds in 16th century Hungary.

American Heist Synopsis - Two brothers with checkered pasts, one struggling on the road to normalcy, the other just released from prison intertwine when one drags the other into an ill-fated bank robbery spearheaded by a gang of dangerous criminals, testing the loyalty of their sibling bond and how far they will go for greed and family. Sources: The Hollywood Reporter

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